Conrad Murray reunites with son after serving two years in jail

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At the end he says, ' I would like to represent him as he SHOULD be represented.'   :WTF:  I suppose, by extension we would have Lee Harvey Oswald represent JFK.   Not to mention that Michael no longer needs representation because HE"S DEAD!!!  This is just too funny. 

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I think he just teased up his fro. It looks slicked down in the burger run pics.

The man is bald in this photo is missing a lot of hair

I guess you would be surprised what you can do with hair. I see nothing weird.
Are you entertained?

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Michael's Hallowen trick !!!   :michael_jackson-1135:  :icon_razz:

Behind the Mask.....So take off the mask so,I can see your face lol  :LolLolLolLol:  :icon_lol: :icon_lol:   :icon_e_wink: !!

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Before :


Now,What's The Big Frigin' Difference?  :thjajaja121: :thjajaja121: :thjajaja121: :LolLolLolLol:

 :LolLolLolLol: :LolLolLolLol: God Bless you sweet Applehead! When are more people going to start opening their eyes?

Sending LOVE & Blessings  to you Beautiful Souls...I have missed you all, but I have kept each and everyone one of you in my Prayers  every night! Hope everyone is well!

So.....Where have you been Mjj4ever :bearhug:  :bearhug: :bearhug: :bearhug: :bearhug: :bearhug: :bearhug:??  Miss you lovely posts  :-* .
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