Michael Jackson's bent spoon for Uri Geller sells for £500

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The spoon was given to Uri Geller by his best man Michael Jackson on the day Geller renewed his wedding vows at his house in Sonning

The late singer gave the spoon when he acted as best man at mystic Geller's ceremony to renew his wedding vows at his home in Sonning, Berkshire.

The item was one of many celebrities living in Berkshire and Oxfordshire donated to a charity auction in aid of Windsor's Thames Hospicecare.

Some carpet from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding fetched £100.

The auction took place at The Flowing Spring pub in Playhatch, Oxfordshire.

On the spoon Geller, who lives in Sonning and rose to fame by bending spoons on TV, wrote: "7 March 2001 M.J. gave me this spoon. Uri Geller".


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Good gravy....$780 bucks for a spoon?!.........a spoon?!  :icon_eek: 

Are MJ's lip prints still on it?....fingerprints?....autograph?....what?....I don't get it.   :suspect:

....the things people buy. :icon_e_confused:

If it were me:  I'd use $780 ---->(New dining table, two dining chairs, plates, glasses, silverware, linens, food, flowers, wine)

....of course Michael coming to dinner....PRICELESS! :icon_lol:

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Don't trust Mr Geller one bit. An appropriate gift for a s##t stirrer .


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