NSA & Michael's Focus on Children

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NSA & Michael's Focus on Children

  • on: July 23, 2013, 07:08:22 PM
Michael's travels around the world and visits to Orphanages from every continent must have been a huge eye opener to the abuse of children on a much larger scale than just hunger and abandonment.  I can't help but wonder just what knowledge he gained into abuse of children and the thousands that go missing that we never hear about.  His focus was on them being cared for and loved and safeguarded.  It seems in listening to Michael Prince that the Government agencies of the world had an interest in children as well, but not in protecting them and taking care of them.  I have to wonder if the things that Michael learned about the abuse of our children is what made him a target, and what better way to destroy his credibility so that no one would listen to him than to use the very thing he loved against him. Throughout this video this man talks of the abuse that children suffered by these agencies in the experimentation of human cloning and genetic hybridization.  "The Dulce Papers" is an excellent topic to research, where a handful of top officials from the various military installations around the world wrote about things happening underground that some speculate to be fictitious.  It's funny that it's always the ones on the outside looking in that want to speculate and call things bizarre and fictitious but would they risk their life in search of the truth?  I was always intrigued by Michael's wardrobe of Military type accessories. 

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