paris being "aware " of illuminati and darkside of music buisness?!

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Thanks charlottevet  :bearhug:

I have always been sure that Paris is with Michael  :icon_razz: and always sure that Michael wanted to put his daughter in the safe and keep her quiet  :icon_razz: Paris helped her daddy  a lot in these years  :icon_razz:   :moonwalk_:

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very interesting that there is a focus on reporting this....

I don't think anyone will ever understand what all Michael had to deal with in his life time.  Somehow I get the distinct feeling there were people around him that were interested in more than just his money.  And these tweets from Paris make it very clear.

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One thing is for sure, Paris is definitely aware of the dark side of the entertainment industry.

Of course she has a great teacher. :icon_rr:

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I read this a few days ago on their site. Interesting article, but I can't help entertaining the idea that a site with writers and contributors  that expose conspiracies would be able to spot all the inconsistencies and strange elements that just don't add up. Not only with Paris, but the whole MJ death as it's been relayed to the masses through the media these last 4 years.
Okay....that feels better now I've said it. 


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