Reasons for Michael NOT to Hoax his death. (A Parallel dicussion)

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I am sure there are plenty of reasons for Michael not to have hoaxed his death.  However, looking back over his life and the torments he faced....why wouldn't he?
Michael being Michael, it's all about pushing the envelope anyways.  Look at what society watches for the sake of entertainment.........murder, war, rape, torture, sex, crudeness,
meanness, deceitfulness, lying.....the list goes on.  So the notion of Michael wouldn't ever do this for any entertainment value doesn't really hold up.  I think there is very much an entertainment value in it all.  Whether it was planned by Michael, or manifested itself through social groups (as this one), is yet to be determined.  It's entirely possible that Michael rolled rice, faked his death and let the human emotions take control.  Perhaps he had a hunch that the human condition would be so in-tune with him, that sooner or later people would start to notice the discrepancies.  So much so, that all these social sites and videos came to life as he thought they might.  All for the sake of entertainment.  I believe there's actually a balance somewhere between entertainment, justice and awakening.  Things have been discussed from religion to how to train a other hasn't all been MJ here on forum.  That's what keep my attention, the yearning to learn from all these great people here.  I think MJ knew (perhaps helped) the side benefit of his hoax would be an opportunity to educate people.  Education, when done correctly, is often entertaining.  The best teachers I have ever had, turned math into an entertainment time!
So back to reasons for Michael not to have hoaxed his death....I can't think of one.  If I were in his shoes, I certainly would have entertained the notion. 
The trouble is, Michael's brilliance outshines the average thinker.  It's hard to hold a candle to what he can and does do. I am simply not capable of
thinking in extreme measures like him.  In my estimate, only time will tell.

Blessings for a beautiful day.......


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