New Pics Of MJ's Bedrooms and Alfred Hitchcock book...........

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Just curious..... I know this is not brand new news about these pics and also I didnt know where to post this so I apologize if its in the wrong spot.
But I noticed the Alfred Hitchcock book on MJ's bed in one of these new pics of the bedrooms and bathrooms etc. I then remembered sometime in 2012 there
was a movie based on Hitchcock and his wife with an allstar cast but I have never seen it and maybe this book being in plain view on the bed is a clue
for us to look back at this movie. I dont know it is just a thought but has anyone seen this movie?

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I haven't seen this movie..yet, I think it's interesting. Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, could have inspired Michael for this hoax(movie). About MJ's bedroom, I keep thinking of the bloody shirt in the wardrobe and the massive butcher knife on the nightstand, very Hitchcock-ish :icon_e_wink:

[youtube] [/youtube]

quote Hitchcock: "I'm just a man hiding in the corner with a camera...WATCHING" :icon_cool:
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It does sound like a cool movie, especially now the name Hitchcock is in on the hoax, worth pursuing.
When I was first going thru all the death scene pics, my mind kept going to 'I Spy Picture books, that my daughter loved from the library, then I bought her one.
Because there is so much detail, it takes fun effort at finding the items listed to find at the bottom of each picture. But MJ's death scene seems by far the ultimate challenge, taking a genius to decipher what he wants us to find.

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humm could this thread be what front's suspence comment is hinting at ?
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