Wade Robson in Hawaii With Family.....

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Wade Robson in Hawaii With Family.....

  • on: May 18, 2013, 02:42:52 PM

Wade Robson in Hawaii With Family as Michael Jackson Molestation Claim Controversy Heats Up

by Brandi Fowler Today 10:55 AM PDT

Wade Robson BigShot/AKM-GSI

In the midst of his Michael Jackson molestation claims, Wade Robson was spotted in Hawaii with his family after rumors sparked that he planned to move there soon.

The 30-year-old famed choreographer was spotted doing some grocery shopping in Hawaii with his wife and son Friday, looking carefree in flip-flops, shorts and a floral-print shirt.

NEWS: Michael Jackson molestation accusation slammed by nephew

News of Robson's possible Hawaii move comes just a week after he  filed a suit against the Jackson estate alleging he was abused by the late star.

The So You Think You Can Dance regular previously denied he had been molested by Jackson during the singer's 2005 molestation trial, but has since changed his tune, calling Jackson a "pedophile," and saying the singer abused him from ages 7 to 14.

"I was scared psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse," Robson said on the Today Show in regards to why he didn't reveal the supposed abuse during that time.

NEWS: 5 things to know about Wade Robson

Robson's lawyer Henry Gradstein spoke to Australia's Today Tonight, saying, "Whatever Michael Jackson's apologists may say, all you have to do is listen to Wade to know that what he has to say is true and irrefutable. They may find it surprising that Wade defended Michael for all those years and never spoke about what was done to him until now, but anyone who knows anything about pedophilia and the terrible damage it does can tell you that this is almost always the case with victims of childhood sexual abuse."

Meanwhile, Howard Weitzman, the attorney for Jackson's estate, told E! News, "Mr. Robson has adamantly denied under oath and in numerous interviews over the past 20 years that Michael Jackson ever did anything inappropriate to him. He now wants us to believe that he committed perjury at least twice and has been lying to anyone and everyone about Mr. Jackson since the early ‘90s so he can file a claim for money. Mr. Robson's transparent lawsuit comes nearly four years after Michael passed. His claim is outrageous and sad."