My thoughts on ~Michael Jackson~Message to Michael

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My thoughts on ~Michael Jackson~Message to Michael

  • on: April 18, 2013, 08:14:05 AM
Sorry did not know where else to post.The 'messages to MJ' is closed...

I wish Michael did not have to be put through so many tests in life such as the molestation and vitiligo(i love how the media says he didnt want to be black...really?then they should of watched how he became lighter and lighter!)I remember growing up and the first DVD i ever watched had a mix of Michaels music from Billie jean to They dont care about us.No one ever told me about molestation i think mainly because no one actually believed it.To be honest I think everyone including mike was getting tired of hearing about him going to court etc.It makes me mad upto this day that such an innocent wonderful man had to go through this!on june 25 i didnt know he 'died' until my friend told me.MJ has so many fans around the globe i just wish he never felt alone through his trials.I remember watching the memorial on TV and just left to weep all alone in my room haha.I think we fans are mourning more than his only family.Just by the tears you can tell its a hoax.if i had to lose anyone close to me especially a father i will never be able to stop the tears.In jan 2013 i went to an impersonators concert.he was very good,but truthfully no one can take michaels place both on stage and in our hearts.he is the BEST.If MJ really faked his death i know everyone would be glad i think i would be reliefed and happy :LolLolLolLol:When will you come back Michael?please come back this year :P

MJ is the greatest human in the whole world I think you and I will agree.I did not know him personally but i wish i did.i wish i had someone like him in my life.i know i would treasure our bond forever.I will always support MJ and have his back 100%.i dont understand how jordy being such a smalll boy could do something so big to ruin someones life.i mean i would feel so bad to see someones life go downhill and I am one of the reasons for that.why wait after MJs 'death' to say it was a lie???it hurts me to see the fun loving happy go lucky 25 year year old turning into such a sad person.MJ deserved he best so why did people take it away from him?????

i have so much more to say but will say it later

love you Michael,please come back

Its not wacko or jacko its MICHAEL JACKSON :michael-jackson:


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