Revisiting Old Stuff: Four years toget it right

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Re: Revisiting Old Stuff: Four years toget it right

  • on: March 20, 2013, 11:16:10 AM
I have so many doubts these days about something we have talked over and over again, here there are some of your opinions:

4 Years is the only time frame Michael HIMSELF gave. While everyone is being disappointed about other BAM dates passing by, they ignore that one line out of the horse's mouth. If there is a BAM, which I am sure there will be, then that's the biggest clue you can get.

But my question is, What IS the BAM.  Does BAM = Comeback, or might it be something else either entirely or much larger of which the Comeback is an essential part.

Bam=comeback and any other interpretation is grasping at straws.

I agree with what Souza and Bec have said (btw Bec & Souza I am missing your interaction here with us on the forum) however I have the same doubt Gwyned has: "Who said that BAM = comeback??" I have that doubt because when Michael said "we have four years to get it right" he said it in a different context that when he said "I'll be back in my own time, I'll button my shirt, play with them for a while and BAM", if he had said one message right after the other we could understand that he would take those 4 years to play with them (I guess media and his opponents) through the hoax but however after saying the word: BAM there is a child holding the earth what could mean the 4 years to get it right meant 4 years to heal the world as MJhunny suggested when she reopened this stuff to to be revised.
To summarize: the 4 years to get it right and the word BAM are in different context and there is no connection between them.



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