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Thank you for the warmness. I've missed you all so much and hopefully I can be back here on a regular basis again. I'm so lost when it comes to the whirlwind of the trial coming up (AEG) so I'm gonna go read up on it.

You used to do some mighty fine digging and presenting, especially when TS singled you out for defending a certain position, corpse theory if I recall.  We're going to need all the help we can get once tons of new trial info start pouring our way again. Hopefully TS will make an appearance once again like old times. Sigh--such wonderful times...

I hope TS will make an appearance too.  I am soo far behind with things, although do visit daily, but carnt keep up with it all.   :icon_redface:

I really wanted to go and see this film, but unfortunately I cannot go and watch in a public cinema as its too much of a health risk for me as Im on chemotherapy at the moment have to keep away from large groups of people :)   Wonder how long it will before it comes out on DVD as would really love to see this.   

Will the trial be screened on line anyone know?

Lots of reading to do in between treatments which wipe me out for about a week, when is the trial start date? hope it dont clash with my next treatment , due 15/3/13, Im sure something was supposed to happen on the 15/3/13 :icon_e_confused:

Lots of love to you all my MJFamily