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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson still alive?
By Michael Green Washington


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Omg just watched oz the great and powerful. SO many hoax clues and Ive no doubt Michael is behind this film guys!!!

I wrote down all the clues I saw whilst watching the film. He's what I saw sorry for the spoilers please don't read as there's snippets of the film below.

- Circus at beginning bit like Barnums circus
- ' Clue ' wording on a bottle
- Monkey as assistant like bubbles 
- Elephants everywhere 
- Believe word used so many times during film

- Butterflies used throughout film. Illustrating resurrection 
- King claiming his throne
- Save all the people
- Oz the great
- 'You're going to fix everything'
- Emerald city on the yellow brick rd
- 'Fits like a glove '

- Spider illustrating resurrection like the spider in this is it
- ' You're gna die ' crows say it as they enter the forest 
- ' The undead '
- The heart 
- ' Can you make them believe '
- The good people making things one guy says ' I can make a scarecrow '. a clue with Michael in the wiz 
- Oz says ' We do an Illusion slight of hand '

- Oz says ' we will put on a show '
- Before the battle Oz says ' Gna need everyone to believe '
- Monkey says to Oz ' Thought you were dead' when oz creates an illusion faking his death
- Oz says ' You thought you cud kill me
I'm invincible ' 

- Thank you for your faith in me
- I've saved the best for last
- Glenda and bad witch fighting in air. - Bad witch says 'where are your bubbles now ' to the good witch and good witch replies ' the bubbles are just for show ' 
- Oz says at end ' You'll be astounded by what's behind the curtain '

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Thanks. It as amazing standing this film and all these clues kept coming out. My Missus just met seeing toying away on my iPhone the clues that I saw and heard.

When you watch it everyone will see with their own eyes.

Sorry I couldn't find a thread talking about this film. Maybe someone could start one so we vpcan discuss more.

This Michael behind the curtain for sure. I wouldn't be surprised if Michael has bought a stake in Disney coz some trailers fr upcoming Disney films had more clues that Michael is working behind the scenes and is doing what he dreamed off after music - working in the film industry.

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Yeah added with princes interviewing the cats of oz in his ET job. It's all making sense.

Keep hearing that Michael may comeback in June with his ONE show in las Vegas but Michael could BAM anytime.

Think we may get more cues in the AEG case on 2nd April

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Thanks sweet sunset.

I'm always reading the threads on here everyday just don't post unless I have something of worth to post and ' This Is It ' no pun intended lol

There's probably more clues in the film, will have to see in cinemas again.


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