Searching for Sugarman

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Searching for Sugarman

  • on: February 17, 2013, 01:04:11 PM
This documentary is up for an academy award

Searching for Sugarman - Best Documentary

The reviews are AMAZING and Rotten Tomatoes gave it 96%

Here's the trailer:


If you plan on seeing the movie, don't read this.  But here's the plot in a couple of sentences.  There was an amazing talent living a kind of hobo life in Detroit whom everyone thought had talent but his records didn't sell.  So he lived in a makeshift house in Detroit working as a common laborer doing all the work others wouldn't do.  Meanwhile, his two albums find their way to South Africa where they become the anthem of an era and even had a big impact on the end of Apartheid.

But the fans in South Africa know nothing of the real Jesus Sixto Rodriguez but have heard rumors that, in despair or protest, he set himself on fire on stage  :omg: , shot himself in the head on stage or just died of a drug overdose.  But in the 90s two guys in South Africa meet due to a synchronistic event because of their shared interest in Rodriguez and try to find out what happened to this most mysterious man in pop history. 

To cut to the chase, they find Rodriguez is not dead by following the money.  After all millions of copies were sold of his albums in South Africa, the money must have gone somewhere.  Eventually they find their man (who ocassionally wears a fedora!), bring him back to South Africa where he is greeted to 8 sold out concerts where thousands cheer and cry (though it is an entirely white audience!)  His lyrics are compared to Dylan' and, while he's unknown even in his home town (I had NEVER heard of him or the music venue he played in) and in South Africa, at least, is bigger than 'Elvis.' 

First, this is a great movie to watch and I was hooked early on.  And when Rodriguez is brought to South Africa and you see him in front of his adoring fans while remaining calm and serene, I thought for a moment.  Oh, imagine what it will be like if Michael DOES appear on stage somewhere.  They would be asking the same questions.  Is it really him.  And then it hit me.  This is a Sony film!  Their ain't no Rodriguez!  The music is amazing and whoever is singing has a haunting quality to his voice.

At one point the narrator says as we see Rodriguez in front of thousands.... It almost looks like it was photoshopped!

IMHO, Michael is behind this, if not playing the part, using a stand in to speak the truth about talented artists of color being screwed by the system.

What do you think?

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Re: Searching for Sugarman

  • on: February 17, 2013, 01:38:58 PM
I think you think Michael is behind everything and that this has nothing to do with the hoax and that it doesn't belong here. A lock.

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Re: Searching for Sugarman

  • on: February 17, 2013, 01:57:31 PM
I think you think Michael is behind everything and that this has nothing to do with the hoax and that it doesn't belong here. A lock.


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