I am tired of this and DONE!

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Re: I am tired of this and DONE!

  • on: January 02, 2013, 05:09:07 PM
Be tired and be done...or remain hopeful and continue with your beliefs...that's the sheer beauty of our individual free will after all isn't it?  I still firmly believe that it boils down to being able to be strong in ones faith that what we have uncovered/discovered/researched is on solid facts and foundations...versus those who have become obsessed with other peoples opinions of them, their own personal goals or desires and the inability to compartmentalize life.  It's always made me sad to read posts that reflect a writers total immersion into hoaxland to the apparent detriment of things and relationships going on in their real lives.  While I'm pretty sure that Michael wants and needs the support of people who genuinely care about him...I doubt that he wished for others to lose themselves in the process.  That doesn't seem to be very representative of his MO as I've learned about him over these last years. 

I've been a "fan" since the beginning given that we're the same age but I've taken the time (as some of you have no doubt) to learn more about the person he's always been through all those years that I was too busy living my life and raising my children to pay attention to his life.  Needless to say that a lot of what I discovered broke my heart for him...the lengths that people went to to hurt him...the people that he trusted openly turning on him...and still through all of that hatred he continued to try and show patience and compassion for humanity.  That being said...patience and compassion is what I'm giving him in return...he deserves it.  It's simply not possible for any of us to know the full extent of the activities happening behind the curtain and whether or not the best laid plans may sometimes require an emergency adjustment.  Whatever is to be WILL be...and it will be WHEN it's supposed to happen regardless of who whispers dates or makes predictions.  My faith remains undaunted but every person here has to make their own choice and peace with where we are now. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             +1 ain't that the truth!!