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  • on: December 31, 2009, 02:42:09 PM
Its 19.24 pm in the UK and soon 2009 will be over, and im sad as i am thinkin about you Michael and what u meant to the world AND to me. My emotions are so crazy right now...im here on this hoax site and all others before and on you tube i have so many MJ hoax and fan subscriptions that one would think i am only interested in you :lol: and yet i just cried like a new born baby at a video of you i just watched on you tube.

I believe, of course i do...but am i clutching at straws hoping you will return and grace us once again with ur beauty...ur mind....ur talents....ur giving!! i know the world is not worthy of ur return, the way that they have treated u.

Am i wrong for believeing you are alive when you are reported as being deceased?? is this disrespectful of me?? I know what my head thinks as its rational and strong and seeing all the hoax investigations u are alive....but my heart is prone to change quickly and my emotions are just as strong as my mind. My heart aches for u...i never met u...i wish i did, i would,ve treasured that moment.....but i have loved u since i can remember...since the 70s...im in my 30s...and the 80s....90s.....00s and beyond... i will always love you!! and i miss you more than u will ever know...and i hope u read this...i know we will meet someday.

If, Michael u are alive please come back, when u are ready of course, but please come back.
Love MJLover32,

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