MJ's Resting Place and Funeral not what he wanted

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MJ's Resting Place and Funeral not what he wanted

  • on: December 27, 2009, 09:48:07 PM
One thing that has been nagging me is that we all heard MJ talk about how he wanted to be burried, somewhere where there were lots of children near so he wouldn't be lonely and that he wanted his funeral to be the biggest show with fire works etc....If my family member said something like that in life, about how they wanted to be after death, you can sure bet I would honor that!  Now, maybe they did and Forest Lawn is a front (I remember hearing Never Land had an order placed for tons of concrete and one day in the future it will be open to the public) or maybe he said something to them in private about his wishes that were different than what we heard or maybe....he's not dead and they didn't want to pay for any fire works or the greatest show ever and didn't want to put him in a place that wasn't secure for fear of us finding he's not there!...IDK just a random thought...
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Re: MJ's Resting Place and Funeral not what he wanted

  • on: December 27, 2009, 11:35:20 PM
I have wondered if the family buried him quietly either before the Memorial or
sometime in between the Memorial and Funeral.    Not sure if at Neverland..but
I don't think we have heard the last of Neverland.   Was also thinking that "if" he
was buried there, later on, they may act as if he was moved there as a memorial
fan site.
Jermaine seems really taken with the idea for some reason.
One thing I want to add, is that I do believe MJ loved Neverland, but if one has ever
moved to a new area/home,one may look back to the old place with nostalgia (and in his
case some pain), but one can fall in love with a new home or area as well.  Home is
where the heart is.
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