'Elvis' explains 'death' day, maybe clues for MJ's 'death' day

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We know that MJ told Lisa Marie that he thought he would die like Elvis, right?  Okay so in this video, Lucky, a guy who's made lots of videos about Elvis being alive, at one part gives a recording of supposedly Elvis telling how he carried out the 'death' day. Quite cool actually!  What I was thinking was, if you guys listen to this and brainstorm of parallels to MJ's 'death' day, and maybe it could help us figure out some of the things that have stumped us so far, and things TS has gotten us talking about in the levels.  Please no Elvis discussions though.   And btw, I got this video from one of Sim's posts--thanks! 

Start at 2:01:35 , way at the end.


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Thanks MJonmind, check to see then, what you say is true, maybe we can shed light on some things that have escaped.


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thanks MJonmind :) the guy that talks before it, reminds me of dr Murrays speaches on the video lol... I'm not meaning anything by it just reminded me of murray :P

going to listen properly now :)
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Thanks for posting this MJonmind, I'll check it out after work.


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