june 25,2009

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june 25,2009

  • on: September 16, 2012, 10:20:45 AM
June 25, 2009. In this day Michael Jackson died, snap. According to interviews and subsequent statements, things happened like this:
- Evening, MJ ate with the children, then went to bed. Bed, for him, meant an infusion of anesthetic. Murray admits he mounted Propofol infusion into a vein.
- Morning, at 9.30, Murray ought to wake him. But sleep stole him. Meanwhile, his assistant has led to MJ. He saw that he feels bad but, at the request of the singer, gave him a dose of Demerol. Altogether, painkiller like morphine anesthetic, they broke.
- Dr. awoke, and he made some calls (47 minutes) and finally, he checked the patient. It was about 11.30 am. Found him breathless and started to revive him. In a later got the idea to call an ambulance, but as he hadnt a landline phone at hand and do not know the address, he postponed. Until a more realistic bodyguard and especially young mind made 911 on his cell phone.
- The whole thing took place in Murray's bedroom, where he moved MJ only he knows why. So says La Toya, as MJ was found in room doctor. Others say that MJ was in his bedroom. Others say that MJ himself went to his doctor,Still not agreed where it was originally and when the paramedics arrived. And more importantly, why.
- May be reminded Murray's brilliant idea to have a witness to his torment and resuscitate the patient. Of how many adults were in the house, he wanted Prince Michael I. So what he thought? That left him breathless and alone. he come down in the kitchen to tell the cook to bring Pronce immediately. Finally, the control value at hand, Murray and remembered that a patient is critically ill up and went to him to see if i can to be helpful. Many people say that experience has traumatized child. Yep. We saw the memorial that was traumatized. We have the whole story here: www.foxnews.com/story/0, 2933,529321,00. Html.
 MJ's friend, Stacy Brown, biographer family was also there. Sitting in the living room, along with Murray (like sleeping!)
manager Frank DiLeo (what looking at Michael home?), the security guard Tippy and eldest son, Prince Michael. We do not know what they did, but woke up with Murray who took the boy to see how his father is resusciteted. First time Prince thought his father was joking, it makes clownery. When he realized that everything is real, entered in a trance, staring. That says biographer. Which means that he has seen what happens. Hell understand who, where, what time it was. The fact is that Murray had more witnesses than hoped.
Let's look more closely bedroom famous picture of the heart attack occurred:
  - Look! A phoneline! I thougt that they said there were dismantled phones. So, why no utility ranks a device?
 - Two bottles of mineral water, surgical gloves (used or not), rubbing alcohol, a half empty bottle of orange juice. This juice was part of MJ's breakfast that Dr. Murray brings every morning at 9.30. If the glass is there, it means that the doctor was in his room earlier than said?
 - A pillow stained soundly in a liquid. What liquid? How were put under his head where? Preserves the head shape pillow that she slept on.
 - Porcelain doll, a spectacle, a rosary (even this guy was Islamist) (I understand that he  wear it around the neck!?), A prospectus (probably when it opened in Tiplic medical material) (me not say that Dr. Murray to read first!), a tube of toothpaste (not even imagine what it seek in bed), a CD.
 - Manual for artificial respiration pump connected to a probe (can be air mask there) which seems to have collected a brown liquid, as seen guys at the News of the World. I do not see any fluid.
 - Garou.
 - Bandages (it's in blue) that seems bloodstained.
Ah! I almost forgot! A very important detail: the paramedics said that the bedroom was a suffocating heat. As the fire burned in the fireplace. Two things result from this: 1. the high temperature could help the body cool and not so Murray could say that MJ only died when he was dead for about 2-3 hours. Keeping warm, Janet's normal and it seemed warm her to the hospital. 2. like a big dumb to do fire in June in California. But it's even more stupid to heat the fireplace. Did not Dr. Murray took the shot, unless he lit, and burned some evidence?

Asked by common sense
 - If the child's eyes fell, so it was at the scene, where later the doctor called to see revival?
 - The news of MJ's death brought manager Frank Dielo on the verge of fainting. can you say to me how can anyone be shocked by the death of someone who was unconscious and not breathing two hours ago? It was there in MJ's house when Murray revive him!
- What time was up Michael? It is understood that it was early in the morning. However, the dose of Propofol (Diprivan) was calculated to keep him all night.
 - If you woke up this morning, I have to ask what to anesthetic, just did not want to sleep when everyone wakes up, especially children. In fact, it is said that he asked Demerol, a painkiller. It hurt anything. What?
 - If the last was Demerol, then he did not die of Propofol, as they say continuously.
 - If he was given painkiller, then slept. If not sleeping, why didnt he cry? Why did not he call someone?
 - Understanding the assistant gave him something and went without care about how your patient body reacts?
 - Why no one called an ambulance immediately although they knew at least seven people as it collapsed? Why all waited Dr. Murray first allow them to call 911?
 - If Dr. Murray found him breathless, oxygen tubes used were always at hand when he put infusion? If they would be used, the patient was reeling.
 - Where and when in the picture disappeared the mysterious assistant? And, after all, who is it? Have you heard his name in the press?
 - After another escape unofficial among investigators, it appears that Murray gave three calls in 47 minutes, after seeing the patient breathing? Who did he call?

March 1, 2010: the famous picture of the bed was reproduced. But it's one of the 13 mentioned in the autopsy report (who knows how many cops have done), but one made ​​available to media by a family member. "Madam Ellis Fleak case is the first research investigating the scene on June 25, between 7:10 p.m. to 8:20 p.m.. If we compare the famous picture of the bedroom made ​​the coroner's report takes us headache. Compared no any porcelain doll, toothpaste is near the foot of the bed and not in bed, as we see in the photo. book, laptop and glasses are on the right side of the bed in the picture is nothing in that part. glass with urine where is Where specified in the report that is stained pillow, such a detail would not have escaped unnoticed. All these things lead to only one conclusion: Michael was right when he said that the victim setup that they put in the hatch untrue things. Do not believe everything you see. "

Speaking of bed: In TII was supposed to be a bed scene, the song Dirty Diana. www.whatdvd.net/michael-jacksons-this-is-it-dvd-review-919.html. Michael was going to dance with a dancer in bed, while the bed on fire. Nothing is random.

I wonder how Michael managed to wake up in two minutes, but Murray was in the bathroom? If sleeping with Propofol, like the effect of an anesthetic so strong to go in 2 minutes? And while he have magic Propofol in his pocket, why the hell did not take the first place? Only that's why it is suggested that has been prescribed for self-medication. Why did he called Murray? Why has accepted to be hurt 10 hours!? If everything was left in the hands of a doctor, why not listen to the end? How has injected fatal dose of Propofol, as clever selma CALMES established that one could not do it? And the eternal question that do not give me peace: if everything was at 11, why demand its May sleep? Children awake much. If still not asleep, but had intended to sleep, so to miss rehearsal, why not go to see them a bit, then he might as well snore? Logic of events is so difficult, Murray's ideas even more tangled script. But do not forget, as aceshowbiz, a tabloid not just lame, it launches the event of another doctor at the scene of the crime: "Another doctor beside Dr. Conrad Murray was reportedly present". Huh? www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/w0008906.html

 The lease of the house in Holmby Hills expires December 15, 2009. What he has any sense. If in October 2008, MJ already living here, the contract may be concluded for a year, so in October 2009 should be the deadline. And then, why pay from July to December an empty house? http://newshopper.sulekha.com/michael-jackson-christian-audigier_photo_959619.htm

I found a person who has been visiting Michael in Holmby Hills home in March 2009. It is a Brazilian Topmodel, Ira Barber, none other than the wife of Christian Audigier. she was also present at the funeral, but she thought there wasnt too much emotion. (min.0.29). Perhaps because it had already been 70 days of death. Yep. At 1.19 min tells us about the visit in March 2009. Christmas tree was still there and seemed that nobody touched anything.
Is something wrong with Christmas decorations that were not even a few months down the best holiday. I can not think of Private Home Movies where Michael says that when Liz Taylor organized the first celebration of Christmas (1993), hid in the bathroom and cried feeling guilty about celebrating Christmas as a Jehovah's Witness as this it was forbidden. Frequency Blanket's explanation that he liked very much the decoration does not seem credible. Rather makes me think of a house where the owner had to go and nobody touch anything until his return.
 I suppose by his wife Audigier Brazilian television had access to film inside the house of Michael. Until now, they have seen the most detailed documentary about this house. The film has 9 parts, I decided to post only the 5, so that we can see the first images from the guest house. It insists lot and swimming pool, Jacuzzi and courtyard. That's what I bring to mind the question of how the residents were never in helicopter shoot any television? I think it's impossible not to  walk the kids to the pool, I saw only amateur swimming (the trip to Hawaii, for example). Or play in the yard with dogKenya. Or play them favorite game: beating with balloons filled with water. All this story appears realtor who sold him his house Michael Carolwood - Joyce Essex - from http://essexharvey.com/. Joyce says it interesting that Michael was interested in a home in the Holmby Hills strict, in fact in this area and most properties are mediated by agents

"During the period he lived in the Carolwood, Michael had two chefs:
 - Kai Chase - in March, April and mid-June
 - Doug Jones - worked just five weeks, starting two weeks before the June 25, namely in May and early June.
 Doug seems he sympathize Murray, whom the defense and vis-a-vis the trial and verdict.
But it was to take two chefs in a time so short, plus each has his style of cooking. Doug Jones is a chef with experience working in this field for 25 years, has worked at the Bel Air Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles. Maybe there to serve Michael, as he lived in one of these hotels, who knows? Anyway, it's strange and Kai's departure in May, to return in June, when we remember that Michael found a visibly weaker, maybe not liked what Jones was cooking :). Or maybe Doug was closer to the house than he saw Kai, which, as we have seen, see their work in the kitchen and not draw noses in pots or emergency. Doug is the one who has seen Murray carrying oxygen butels,point he noticed injection marks on Michael's body and a scar near his elbow. It is true he saw the mask on his face and bathing cap on his head, so who knows who he saw? But no matter who saw the person seemed fragile and Doug was convinced that he would die soon. As seen in the picture, this Doug Jones is black, that could very well be the employee who accompanies the woman's bag in the movie Ben. And as Ambulance Ben's comment was: "workers began to leave, nanny, chef" is pretty big coincidence seems to be someone else. But while not good, Doug said Michael has not worked for two weeks before he died, if he who comes through the gate, he lied. And if he was, and if he was not in the house at the time of collapse, the black is strong just who could be more help than Prince Murray's or women of the house. Other interesting things to say Jones:
- Murray came in the evening, five times a week and leave in the morning. I mean Michael, as a good employer, be sensible weekend sleep without Murray's help
- Prince was now between Michael and employees, is very mature for his age.
- The house phone lines were disconnected but were directly connected with the security team.
Murray was impossible not to know this. He knew the chef, but not personal doctor? Well it was logical that cell to be directly connected with the security team since the bodyguards were not allowed access to the house, if Michael had an emergency, you would have done? But Murray preferred to let the unconscious patient, run to the kitchen and call the Amir.
Sources: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2071874/Michael-Jackson-doctor-Conrad-Murray-gets-prison-visit-girlfriend-Nicole-mother-Milta.html and http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/MichaelJackson/story?id=8209014&page=1 #. TzzBnGMRRHA

Listening Kai's statement of "Gone Too Soon" and comparing the timeline of the day of June 25th I realized that a contradiction in the events:
 * 12.05 - Kai Murray shouts "Get security, get Prince". This alert is not security, but rather send it up the Prince, who was, along with his brothers near the kitchen.
 * Between 12.05 - 12.17 is exchanged calls / SMS between Murray, Amir and Alvarez.
 When he arrived at the front entrance, Alvarez said he saw Murray leaned over the railing. I mean, for 10 minutes to realize that Murray was at the top of the stairs, leaving the patient alone? All Alvarez says he arrived in front of MJ's room with Prince, who came from the opposite direction. Well then that Prince did not hurry at all to get to his father since he arrived at the same time Alvarez has bypassed the security trailer to the front door. All this talk about a plan triggered or precipitated, perhaps under the influence of discussions with DiLeo. However, many blame this guy, who on June 25, noon, eat at the hotel where Alvarez's cell was located, seems to have given him a hand to Michael. Or even a wheelchair. In the episode with the hospital's most exciting memories and statements. "
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Re: june 25,2009

  • on: September 16, 2012, 10:38:35 AM
911 call

" Operator: Paramedic 33. What is the nature of your emergency?
Caller: Yes sir, I need as soon ambulance year is Possible, sir.
Operator: OK sir, what's your address?
Caller: 100 North, Carolwood Drive, Los Angeles, California 90077
Interviewer: Is it Carolwood?
Caller: Carolwood Drive, yes.
Operator: OK sir, what's the phone number you're calling from?
Caller: Sir, we have a gentleman here That Needs help and he's not breathing. He's not breathing and we're trying to pump HIM, BUT he's not ...
Operator: OK, OK. How old is he?
Caller: He's 50 years old, sir.
Operator: 50? Okay. He's unconscious? He's not breathing?
Caller: Yes he's not breathing sir.
Operator: Okay and he's not conscious either.
Caller: No, he's not conscious sir.
Operator: Alright, is he on the floor, Where's he at right now?
Caller: He's on the bed, sir, he's on the bed.
Operator: OK let's get Him on the floor.
Caller: OK.
Operator: OK let's get down to the floor Him. I'm going to help you with CPR right now. We're on our way there, we're on our way But I'm going to do as much as I Can to help you over the phone. We're already on our way. Did anybody see Him?
Caller: Yes we have a personal doctor here with Him string.
Operator: Oh you have a doctor there?
Caller: Yes But he's not responding to anything. He's not responding to CPR or anything.
Operator: Okay, well we're on our way there. If your guy's doing CPR as instructed by the doctor, he has a higher Authority than me. Did anybody witness what happened?
Caller: No, just the doctor, sir, the doctor's Been the only one here.
Operator: OK so the doctor's seen what happened?
Caller: (aside) Doctor, did you see What Happened, sir? (To operator) if you can please ...
Operator: We're on our way, I've dispatched These questions on to our paramedics and they're on Their Way there sir.
Caller: Thank you sir. He's pumping hsi chest But he's not responding to anything sir, please.
Operator: Okay, we're on our way, we're Less than a mile away. We'll be there shortly.
Caller: Thank you sir, thank you.
Operator: Okay sir, call us back if you Need any help.
Caller: Yes sir. "(transcript www.sky.com )


Asked by common sense
- Why call was made after half an hour (or an hour?) To find the critically ill patient?
- Why caller declined to specify the name of the patient?
- Why not ask the operator the caller's name, phone number and asked that it be displayed anyway?
- If you call on the phone, where the operator know the address? (Completes the caller, nay even know the street code)
- If not specified the name of MJ, the caller did not say heck even the full address?
- Why operator appears in his first day of work? (Repeating that idiot "and is not aware")?
- They say "the only doctor who is here", but more voices are heard. Why caller lied?
- Between 0:19 and 0:21 you can hear a woman's voice. Between 1:34 and 1:36 is heard throughout a woman's voice. Someone understands what is being said here?
- Do you think the caller (the bodyguard, as he was then) is inflexible voice, almost devoid of colors and devoid of emotions? Would like to speak with his superior: "Yes, sir" " Thank you, sir . " A perfect conversation gentlemaneasca. Damn, MJ dies, even not in alert? Even so, a lost job, if not of human feelings. A bodyguard is hired to protect the employer's life. On this discretion grab it exactly when it's appropriate.
 - "Call us back if you need help"? Sure to call the ER and not to a grocery? If the caller was a murderer? If mind and was not, in fact, any doctor with the patient?

- Thanks to paparazzi sufficiency, we also monitor image from car fire wiener What do you think is missing from the database? Just the year. Take a look:

- Why not ask operator if the patient has a pulse, a standard question, by the way?
- The operator has closed? Ambulance was less than 2 km, can remain on the line. In addition, in the U.S., this is standard protocol: operator who maintains contact with said emergency until the arrival of paramedics.
- C contains is, in fact, that Alberto Alvarez (see picture above), the loyal bodyguard who took the situation in hand, while Dr. Murray had no idea what to do? Why would a man with such cold-blooded in critical situations in everyday life is so vulnerable? He left home "to be able to think quietly to what happened and what she will do from now on." Hmmm!
- Dialogue appeared in the press immediately. Records of emergency calls be made public in the U.S. so easily?
- Why caller stutter when to give details useful later in the investigation? For example. answer to the question: "The doctor saw what happened?".
- Why Daily Mail says that the caller is named Tippy?
- Just when everybody MJ (doctor, operator and Appel) has put feet and broke the rules, risking to lose the chance to save lives? Or it was provided in the script? Or some things have escaped director?
- And it even work in fog, there is a version circulating on the net:  Two phone calls were not but two records seem to give. Who made ​​this second  record? I hear and what I hear in 1:01: "Just a minute"? Whose is that voice and what the hell to hang for a minute?
There is a  third recording of the call , possibly third uneil cabin ambulances. If we could separate voices, can I deduct if it's a recording overlap, so a bluff, or even no replies:  0:22 to 0:30 - "It's blank" and "We want to start playing it now."   or 0:47: "What do you want guys playing?".

Coordinates the call go to at least three clues:
- 100 North, Carolwood Dr, Los Angeles, California 90077. If you go to Google, we see that there is a construction company. Home and landscape are totally different than we know. That's because instead of Carolwood, give us a home across the street neighbor, Monova. Why? I do not know. The house is listed on the websites of real estate agencies $ 16 million, but not for sale. Has 8 bedrooms and 11 (!) Bathrooms and is considered a single-family dwelling.
- We know that Alvarez called. But where was this Alvarez? In the house where Michael was he was not. As seen on screen caller address is two blocks away on Sunset Boulevard, the Brush Area (whatever that?). Telephone number from which the call is made, of course, disposed of.
- With Google Earth, Holmby Hills house is very close to the coordinates on the monitor ambulance, but not the same -118.425086 and 34.08118800 andthey show  Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills Hotel.
Common sense questions:
- If the address the caller declaredand phone location are two completely different things, how the paramedics know where they are going?
- If the call was made from a phone without caller's identity and without inflection address indicated the coordinates correspond to the call of the emergencythen why the  dispatcher considered as a real and check if there is not a hoax ?
- Why Murray called the chief of security, which, in turn, called Alvarez, who in turn called the ambulance? Why should this call be done by someone who was not at the scene? And in fact, what makes Alvarez at this hotel during the service?
Some questions on the call made ​​to 911.

If we look more closely to the ambulance monitor,  it is written there Verizon Wireless, a phone and Internet company and the number 800 451 5242 4 number for emergencies. I do not know too well, but understand that when making a call on a mobile phone can track caller location. When a person calls 911 from a cell phone call is placed to the telephone center PSAP (public safety answer point). The system is designed for police forces to ensure that they can always track cell phone location, in order to give first aid to people in need, so it's a definite.
But now we all know that the address that appeared on monitor is the hotel where the Alvarez: 9641 Sunset Blvd idea was floated that would have appeared that address to monitor because there was placed a phone tower, but according  www.cellreception.com/towers/towers.php?city = los% 20angeles & state_abr = that  did not exist at the Beverly Hills Hotel, otherwise it would be easily noticed in the pictures. But if Alvarez was at the hotel , as explained following dialog with the 911 operator:
Operator: OK so the doctor's seen what happened?
Caller: (aside) Doctor, did you see What Happened, sir?
If he was at  the hotel, how could discuss with the doctor? Or how could he know that only the doctor was with Michael and makes CPR on the bed?
Then if  Dr. and Michael were the Beverly Hills Hotel, who is the patient who was raised from the Carolwood Drive?
And if Alvarez was at the hotel, where exactly was it exactly? He was in a room? Whose voices were then heard in the background is? Or was it just in the lobby and voices were just normal background noise in a hotel? Maybe that's why he spoke so calmly and declined to pronounce the name of Michael Jackson because he was in a public place ? "

"The 911 call at 1:01, where you said mysterious woman says" just a minute ", I and my friends have heard three different versions:
1. "Last 10 minutes"
2. "AT LEAST a minute"
3. "Less than a minute '."
Anyway, all a countdown appears. I put my  hand in fire that Michael did not have a clock in his bedroom. It means that the woman is looking at wristwatch or cell phone. In the first case,  it's Grace, because I saw that only she wears something, Kai, no. In the second case, it means that there is a second cell phone in the room, the other being the one in which call Alvarez`s phone and Kai have.

As for the female voice, all the two are candidates. Well, they say there was a house maid, but admit that it is not involved. Kai says he looked at the clock on the phone:  "I started Preparing the lunch and THEN I looked at my cell phone and it was noon." So there was no clock in the kitchen wall. I do not agree that Michael watches (if they would  ever find cameras and recordings were clocks on the wall, who knows what time I have seen). 
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I`m alive and I`m here forever!

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Re: june 25,2009

  • on: September 16, 2012, 11:00:49 AM
"Don't stop this child, He's the father of man
Don't cross his way, He's part of the plan
I am that child, but so are you
You've just forgotten, Just lost the clue.”

MJ "Magical Child"
Still Rocking my World…
   and leaving me Speechless!

“True goodbyes are the ones never said

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Re: june 25,2009

  • on: September 16, 2012, 12:14:43 PM
 We know too well the last pic with MJ, a "exclusively" sold for $ 500,000. I honestly do not know what magazine is that OK, but was fooled. There are two pictures, at least. Probably because the clever paparazzo posed as they say "the burst" of walking car. Here are three different images into one:


Honestly, I never had the patience to read all pages, but I think I didn`t missed what was essential. I have two things that caught my eyes:
1. this guy, let's say his name, is a global media hero, Christopher Weiss (29 years), had no luck in life. Not to say it was a failure. He wanted to be a doctor, not only paramedic arrived. He had no money for higher education. What I would laugh to see him medicine now, with money from MJ's pic! Ben Evenstad colleague who was filming, taught to be paparazzo and together they founded the National Photo Group. What dreams and that's it! But that's not the point. The paparazzo has medical knowledge! That's a lot of thought, is a good man in a setup based on a medical cause.
2. was obsessed by Mickey.National Photo Group, from the beginning, “wanted to be the Michael Jackson agency,” Evenstad says. What? "Also Evenstad was friendly with members of Jackson's staff. MJ wrote a song dedicated to the tabloids, "Leave Me Alone" and was a good friend of them? :WTF:

The events:

Watch this interview with Weiss:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VR-HSc2aM4&feature=player_embedded then look at the scene by ambulance coming from the courtyard  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xazsOkXOJVw&feature=player_embedded  and tell me who is  Weiss and who  is Evenstad Weiss (or any other colleague)? Who is in the red and who is in yellow shirt? I still have problems with their identification.
The agency posted at the residence of MJ's people, permanent, by 6 months. Really 6 months? So, on the day in question, they were still there at work like everyday. That's what they say. so no more wondering how they got through just near them and only them. Alfred Ibanez the man  they have it in the field call the boss and the boss call Weiss who was watching Brangelina about 6 miles away...
Weiss arrived in time to see an ambulance in MJ's court. Question: After the ambulance came, the doors were left open? I do not think Michael's guards would have made such an error, leave the view to the public. And if they did, it is bad! Sounds like an invitation for anyone with a camera on it. They say in the article that there were still five fans and Photo from NPG, "only paparazzi on the spot". Do not know how, but Weiss came in right window and took pictures. He knew if something went out only a few hours later. Evenstad collected cards from all and went to edit them. The others went to hospital, where there was already TMZ. First in pictures met with the first (chronologically speaking) in writing. If Evenstad took cards from all and went to process them immediately, you realize that no one else saw what came out and if there is any pictures? Could not replace them with others previously made? Weiss says that he looked to the camera immediately to see what he made and to his great disappointment, everything was black. Picture, as we know, is processed. If there really did not come out any pictures?
How is it that we have a single picture with Michael dead, after 3 ½ years during which the media has worked hard to bring to light the most trivial details about him?
This boy Weiss,is Norwegian. Omer is Norwegian. MJ's driver was Norwegian, his wife was also employed to MJ. Not too much  Norway in Michael`s life.
How this contradictory picture remained the only one with MJ dead? The hospital was full of paparazzi posed relatives. Why not have surprised the patient.

I know that was posted before..

One last look (before the advent of another fresher) in connection with the last picture. It's an option in any program that can find photos by date and time the picture was taken. Ie machine parts. Take beautiful pictures of the www.etnline.ro, not the other, but it says "Exclusive", and see what the EXIF says. Not replicate all data sausage, just what is most interesting:

According camera settings, a Nikkon Bengal (and yet not too Bengal, considering that in 2007 already made ​​photos, see the complete EXIF), the picture was taken at 12.08. The 911 call was made at 12.21, paramedics arrived at 12.26. I will say that what, that does not prove anything. If the camera was set wrong, may look and midnight. A paparazzo with a device with wrong settings? Considering that date, minute and time saving may be evidence in court? And as part of lawsuits that how much paparazzi have, is anyone so stupid to leave unset device with real time benchmarks? Pretty rare. Then this picture was taken before the emergency? Before paparazzo coming to our site? Before you know anyone in this world that MJ was not breathing?
Here is a database of Califonia paramedics. www.centralregistry.ca.gov. Chris Weiss (who wanted to become a doctor) there is high. But his license expired on May 31, 2009.  So, on June 25, a man entered the branch was fresh and paparazzi and hit. Need to revisit this interview: www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2009/07/michael-jackson-photo200907.

Working with Ben since 2007. and paramedic and paparazzo at the same time? Never had the time, I do not think that was allowed, speaking of ethics. If he no longer practicing paramedic, his license should be canceled. But his remains valid, because it was active. Well, how to cancel, when one had to put up all scene? Choose an ambulance, Alvarez to instruct what to say, to make 1,000 pictures, have a choice as a "genuine"? The best evidence we have from guild paparazzi in LA. You probably know that in their world, this is an almost unknown Weiss. www.paparazzinotebook.com / PN_main_page_alt.html.
 If in two years did not meet anyone on the ground, it is clear that did not work in the field. Weiss is not even a paparazzo , he is paramedic. E man infiltrated the NPG. And, most certainly, his adviser Michael urgent medical problems.
Do you  missed Ben Evenstad? Obviously, if all we talked about that day, let himself in an interview that he does not know what he says. Michael started rehearsing with 6 months (again 6 months!) before, but does not say what did he rehears, as TII was not. Michael was a night owl, singing at 3 am. Those outside heard him, but the children were deaf. Fans have said that MJ going out 5-6 times a day to go to Klein. He knows that a visit last 3 hours. It follows that he only have 6 hours free left . Not explain why, despite he had a  man every day at that address, he has only photos from shopping or from Klein's office.
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