Doubts surfaced early on Michael Jackson...concerns about Popstar's stability

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Please read - a lot of information here,0,6711027.story

Emails in Jackson insurance litigation show AEG execs knew of concerns about the pop star's stability



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Contradicting yourself much Randy?  :WTF:
He is an emotionally paralyzed mess riddled with self loathing and doubt now that it is show time."
They are changing their stories only based on how it suites them...jeez..i'm so sick of these guys.
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If he was that bad Phillip, why did you go ahead with the concerts???  Wouldn't you have had suspicions
then that Michael couldn't do all the first 10, then you signed he up for 50.

Were you hoping he would die???

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Right. And furthermore, IF it was the real MJ Randy was experiencing ... would a professional like MJ - albeit his long absence from the stage - be sooo 'paralized' and 'riddled with self loathing'? Although stage fright is common and we know Michael took his prep for a stage show extremely serious, we're not talking about an MJ that didn't work while away from the spotlight all those years. So, I would rather say, this describes a first time Michael Fakeson scared to death of the responsibility that weighted on his shoulders. I would be scared to death knowing I'd be a replacement of a living legend and I'd have to make people believe I was MJ ... No way, that was the real Michael.

IF indeed it was MJ, then there were other circumstances that made him 'paralized' ... 
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Let them talk..... :Crash: media....  :computer-losy-smiley: media ...  :computer-losy-smiley:  :smiley_abuv:

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." If he reneged, AEG would take control of the debt-ridden singer's company and use the income from his music catalogs to recoup its money.

The desire to get their hands on the  catalog once again as the underlying motive for courting MJ to do the O2 concerts initially.  Some things never change, but come at it from a different approach. Also Gongaware stating in the emails that they had MJ locked in with him signing the contract. I'm increasingly in awe at Michael's acting abilities to set this up, pull it off and do so under real threat and danger.
There is a lot of information in that link from the Telegraph. Thanks for posting it FinFin. .

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I agree with you guys. It was the catalogue they wanted!!! There has to be a reason we don't know about as to why it was so valuable. Could it be that the Beatles' songs couldn't be downloaded (I have no idea, just speculating). 

So they sent a fake Michael!!! Of course he was nervous. The real Michael would not have worn sunglasses.

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that catalogue...  :Pulling_hair:
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Let them talk..... :Crash: media....  :computer-losy-smiley: media ...  :computer-losy-smiley:  :smiley_abuv:
yes Blankie, media and their "true" stories...
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