Peter Lopez..and Michael Jackson. Finances all in order, not in debt.

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This is a fantastic video that explains alot..........more conspiracy

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Hello 2good this topic has already been published.,22459.msg396596.html#msg396596

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Thank you for sharing this video with us. The video of Catherine and the girls was taken after Peter's d**th? Very interesting.

I don't think he's dead. The whole 911 call seemed too calm for someone who's beloved husband was shot and then not knowing if the gunman was still on the property. I'd be hysterical and panicked. "If", and I say that loosely, Peter Lopez died then it's connected to Michael. There was footage of Catherine at the funeral being helped in her car (or maybe out of it). I remember thinking that she looked upset but not devastated. Maybe she was in shock. I certainly don't want to downplay her anguish if this is real, but the fact that she's an actress could explain why she's able to pull this off.

I keep waiting for more to come out about this because there is no way he killed himself (if in fact he's d**d). But nothing is mentioned. So I keep waiting and watching. He and Michael are probably both at Neverland.

Blessings :)
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So I'll put a lock on this then.


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