Murray and Hoefflin: Propofol Dream team - (Klein rants continued)

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Murray and Hoefflin: Propofol Dream team
Posted on September 2, 2012 by AWKMD

After the trial of Conrad Murray certain questions remain unanswered. Who hired Murray? Dr Klein was out of the country in May of 2009 so how could he possibly have given the doses of Demerol mentioned during the trial. Why did Harvey Levin vastly increase the doses and frequency of administration of Demerol given by Klein to Jackson? When Murray mentions giving Jackson a 50mg dose this is not how the drug is administered. Did he inject Propofol into the muscle(im) rather than slowly flowing the drug into the vein. IM injections of Propofol would make Jackson irrational for long periods of time? Possibly greater than 24 hours! Still a fundamental question emerges; How did Michael Jackson get addicted to Propofol? Certainly Murray is not the responsible person for that. For clues we have to look back into Jackson’s timeline. We previously reported that Dr. Steven Hoefflin may be a stone that has not yet been turned over to point to culpability in the death of Michael Jackson:

Our reasoning why Steven Hoefflin’s role should be closely looked at:
We’ve seen Dr. Steven Hoefflin come forward and tell the Sun Newspaper in England that Jackson friend/doctor Arnold Klein taught Murray to inject propofol.Source: the investigations into Klein, however, all that has come up for potential drugs given to Jackson by Klein is Demerol which, while injected, is not something that requires intravenous application. Furthermore Klein worked with Dr. Marc Honzel an addiction specialist and Alan Metzer Jackson internist to determine the proper doses of Demerol. In that the facial rebuilding Klein performs takes session of 3-5 hours each the doses of Demerol he used are wihin the guidelines.Hoefflin’s treatment of Jackson has never been brought to question but in looking at material that is available online; quite a different picture of Michael Jackson’s alleged “friend” and Plastic Surgeon comes to light.First there are allegations that Hoefflin performed as many as 30 nose surgeries on Michael.“Jackson admitted to just two operations on his nose, but evidence pointing to rather more came to light in the mid-1990s when four nurses sued their employer, a Los Angeles plastic surgeon called Steven Hoefflin, known as ‘Doc Hollywood’. In court documents, they claimed that Hoefflin worked repeatedly on Jackson’s nose. When he realised that more cutting would damage the nose irrevocably, his solution, they claimed, was to go through the pretence of an operation to satisfy his patient. According to their depositions, Hoefflin would put Jackson to sleep, but only pretend to have performed another course of rhinoplasty.” Source: article appeared on Sunday, October 26, 1997 on page F01 in The Washington Post entitled “FACE OFF”. The piece was written by Post staff writer Richard Leiby and it detailed another court case in which a colleague of Hoefflin reopened the previous employee cases against Hoefflin.We previously have reported on Dr. Hoefflin and asked the question about addicting Michael to Propofol. In his letters back and forth to Geraldo Rivera he stated that Howard Weisman (sp) was preparing an authorization to speak:From: Steven Hoefflin, MD, FACS Sent: Sunday, August 02, 2009 4:43 PMTo: Rivera, CraigSubject: my statement.Dear Craig:Howard Weisman is preparing a new letter to you re: my authorization to speak. He will call you and email you a copy. I am on my way out to see the children, Katherine and the family.” But Certain elements are clear. It seems that Klein, an addiction specialist himself never gave Mr Jackson any Demerol without the approval of both an addiction specialist Mark Honzel or Mr Jackson’s internest Allen Metzger. Furthermore TMZ’s Harvey Levin, a close friend of Howard Weitzman’s ,grossly inflated the doses of Demerol Klein used. The question remains how were Klein’s records on Mr Jackson’s released? It appears that Jason Pfeiffer and Muhammad Khilji illegally released Klein’s records to get him paid by the Jackson Estate. This makes little sense in that AEG was responsible for Mr Jackson’s medical bills. Interestingly, there are now records in the hands of the Police showing this was a master plan of Khilji, Pfeiffer and David Rish to embezzle millions from Klein . These individuals were also in contact with AEG’s Randy Phillip’s for yet to determined reasons. Klein is presently suing Hoefflin for speaking out when Michael Jackson had placed a cease and desist order against Hoefflin in 2003. Why did Katherine Jackson allow Hoefflin to speak out remains a mystery yet he did have a note saying he could do such. What is now also clear is,as stated above, during May 2009 Klein was in Europe and could not possibly have given the doses of Demerol Murray’s lawyers claimed. It appears those doses were given by Rish. Will someone please interview Klein so the truth or what he knows can be revealed!
When Howard Weitzman was contacted to ask about this claim that Hoefflin made:
“I DO NOT REPRESENT HOEFFLIN. I only represent the Estate and the Special Administrators in the Jackson matter. HW Howard Weitzman, Esq.808 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 300Santa Monica, CA 90401(310) 566-XXXX direct(310) XXX-XXXX cell”
Furthermore, Arnold Klein’s attorney asked Weitzman and Londell McMillan (Katherine Jackson’s attorney) the same question on whether Hoefflin had the right to speak. published the emailed statements:

Both Law Firms responded that they do not know about Dr. Hoefflin’s authority to speak on behalf of the Estate or Mrs. Jackson . If the legal teams did not know about Dr Hoefflin’s claims and assertions he had been authorized to speak then who authorized him?Hoefflin has also presented a written by Katherine Jackson signed by a Reba letter authorizing him that to speak to the Sun newspaper on her behalf but that’s the only proof that he has submitted to date. Hoefflin in his statements to the presson July 24th said that Jackson had “had lethal amounts of Demerol and Propofol in his body” and that the “Demerol came from Dr. Arnold Klein.” Yet once Michael died he held news conferences?Also once the Toxicology reports on Michael Jackson were released the drugs that were found were Propofol and Xanax (an anti-anxiety drug.) Demerol was never listed. So why didn’t anyone go back to Hoefflin to say – hey, what’s up with your story?Maybe it was because Diane Dimond did do an expose on Hoefflin and found out that amongst other things he had harassed his neighbors for donations when he decided to run for President, and was taken into custody when he climbded a tree in his front yard and started shooting passersby with a pellet gun? we have a doctor who used to put Michael Jackson to sleep using SOME kind of drug.Propofol is a drug that is used to put patients to sleep during operations like Plastic surgery.We can glean from court documents and testimony that Hoefflin performed a large number of operations including putting Michael Jackson to sleep and setting the clocks ahead.Dr Arnold Klein has stated that a doctor was on tour with Michael for both the Victory and Dangerous – as we previously speculated this MAY be a reference to Hoefflin and may be why Hoefflin pointed the finger at Klein with his article in the Sun. was targeted by Hoefflin right after Michael died and tried to implicate Klein in Jackson’s death but the toxicology report that eventually came out proved Hoefflin was not accurate.Reporter Diane Dimond has also reported on a lot of disturbing stories on Dr Hoefflin’s erratic behavior in the past few years based on police reports.What bothers us about all of this is that Hoefflin seems to be the one doctor that attempted to gain Katherine’s trust so he could use that to talk about other doctors. Yet Hoefflin was by all accounts estranged from Jackson for many, many years. He has stated he last treated Jackson in 1998 and then helped with an intervention in 2002. How could Hoefflin know anything about the recent medical history of Michael Jackson?Seems like Hoefflin wanted to quickly point out doctors whom blame could be placed on well before any of the autopsy information was available. Why? Was he trying to cover up something he did and move the blame off of him?Sounds like Hoefflin should be added to the list of doctors called during the People vs Conrad Murray trial. Why isn’t Conrad Murray’s legal team looking at how Michael Jackson got addicted to Propofol? Could the doctor who allegedly used to put Michael to sleep and move the clocks ahead may have used Propofol? If so, could he be the doctor responsible for getting Jackson addicted years before his untimely death?
How did Michael Jackson Get Addicted to Propofol?
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Why Steven Hoefflin was not in that trial, who has the answer? That Jason Pfeiffer and Muhammad Khilji were in contact with AEG and Randy Phillip, interesting, AEG will be behind the entire campaign to say that MJ was addicted and a gay?

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Why Steven Hoefflin was not in that trial, who has the answer? That Jason Pfeiffer and Muhammad Khilji were in contact with AEG and Randy Phillip, interesting, AEG will be behind the entire campaign to say that MJ was addicted and a gay?

                                              But do not ever stop ?   :Crash:

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Jason Pfeiffer is in facebook of Diana Diamond

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The rants continue on Twitter today Sept 11th by Arnold Klein regarding Michael Jackson

Posted on September 11, 2012 by AWKMD

In response to you recent query about David Rish, he together with following  two individuals  were responsible for the illegal release of confidential medical records . David Rish was my associate and treating dermatologist. He together with my office manager Jason Pfeiffer(report enclosed)  and my accountant Muhammad Khilji purposely released exgerrated information on my health in an attempt to prevent me from recovering from a huge financial embezzlement, identity theft and attempted homicide  these individuals had perpetrated

.     In an attempt to hide the above and destroy my reputation in medicine David Rish (my one time associate), Muhammad Khilji and Jason Pfeiffer violated HIPAA by illegally releasing my personal medical records in a manner such that I was portrayed as an individual physically unable to practice medicine and with severe mental issues. In a further attempt to prevent me from recovering from this financial demise they solicited Kimberly Wilson an investigator for the California Medical board, Harriet Ryan of the “LA Times” as well as Mark Seal a writer for Vanity Fair

Rish, Pfeiffer and Khilji have shared this information with reporters, patients, nurses, office employees as well as the investigator they solicited from the California Board of Medicine. The information they presented is absolutely unsupported by my true medical history but is their vicious attempt to destroy my reputation as well as my ability to practice and fight the embezzlement and identity theft they perpetrated.  Furthermore they have even solicited anonymous individuals on the Internet to report to the California Board of Medicine that I have severe mental issues and physical issues that prevent me from practicing;.  Rish, Pfeiffer and Khilji have communicated this spurious information to the LA Times, TMZ and various news outlets. Jason Pfeiffer  went so far as  to establish a public website where he readily solicits individuals to speak to Kimberly Wilson the investigator  for the medical board. (See contained documents.) Furthermore David Rish has stolen well over 2000 charts from my office and  contacted some of  these patients telling them I have retired or was gravely ill.

It should be indicated that Muhammad Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer, participated in the illegal release of Michael Jackson’s medical records from my office in a manner such that the dose and frequency of Demerol administration was grossly amplified.

In addiction during the trial of Conrad Murray my  attorney  Garo Ghazarian never indicated to the Judge or court that I as in Europe almost all of May 2009 and could not have possibly have  given  Demerol to Mr. Jackson .during this period Furthermore It was never indicated to the court that I would determine the dose of Demerol given Mr Jackson only after consulting with Mark Honzel an addiction specialist and Michael’s internist Allen Metzger.

Since the total embezzlement I was poorly advised by my then attorney David Neale  and entered  Bankruptcy Court. I soon learned that both my attorney David Neale and the presiding Judge Richard Neiter hold stock in Private Bank of California,, the major institution through which my funds were embezzled by Muhammad Khilji and Jason Pfeiffer



Although the medical board declined comment on the investigation, sources who have been questioned by the board’s investigator say the probe is wide ranging.  Questions (1) range from the possibility that Klein self-prescribed narcotics (2), used false names on narcotics prescriptions (3), illegally handed out samples of dangerous drugs to his famous patients (4), and may have committed gross negligence by practicing while afflicted with multiple sclerosis (5).  Klein firmly denies the allegations of ill health, despite an increasing number of reports to the medical board that he does, indeed, have the debilitating disease (6). (Quote)”Diane Diamond


Let me try to address these one by one, but first I must say the manner in which the Kimberly Wilson has talked to the press is a total violation of my civil rights.


1.)     The “questions” being “asked” are by Kimberly Wilson and not the California Board           of Medicine

a.)          Kimberly Wilson, of the California Medical Board, who sent an individual into my office to obtain medical care under false pretenses and paid me with a fraudulent credit card.  Her statement to my nurse seven months ago that “I am going to get him,” combined with her recent behavior, strongly indicates her discrimination against me.  I refuse to allow Kimberly Wilson to evaluate me as she is guilty of violating  my civil rights by releasing private information concerning my health to the media and her associates. Furthermore much of the information she has released is damaging and absolutely false

b.)          The individuals who Ms. Wilson chose to talk to have embezzled close to 20 million dollars from me, set up over 20 fraudulent bank accounts, and depleted my retirement fund.  In addition, these  same individuals attempted to fatally overdose me with coumadin, and while incapacitated, they illegally changed my Will, making themselves executors and removing my entire family as beneficiaries.  The individual who wrote the Will is an Attorney, who I never hired, who is a member of Cair…. the US affiliate of Hamas.  I am more than willing to share documentation of this with you .  Furthermore this is the blog of Jason Pfeiffer wherein he solicits people to complain  directly to Kimberly Wilson about me.






2.)     I have never self-prescribed nor have taken narcotics

         except post-operative.


3.)     Mickey Fine Pharmacy has been guilty of renewing my prescriptions without calling my treating doctors (and saying I self-prescribed.- the DEA


4.)     Mickey Fine was also guilty of giving out-dated narcotics to one of my employees for destruction.  Only two people can perform destruction of narcotics in my office, and unfortunately, one employee turned out to be a recovering addict.  (Subsequently, this employee died of an unrelated alcohol overdose.)-reported to the DEA


5.)  Unfortunately most people do not understand what I do for a living.   In essence, I rebuild faces with a needle and fillers, instead of knifes and drills.  Is a very arduous procedure that may take multiple visits of 3-5 hours, especially in individuals who have had multiple deforming surgeries or in Mr Jackson’s case over 50 facial surgeries

a.)  In 2008, I was chosen as one of the top 10 architects in the world by “L’uomo Vogue.”   To date, I still have a vibrant and competitive practice with a choosy clientele who obviously don’t believe I engage in ‘gross negligence’.

b.)  With regard to Mr. Jackson’s care, Mr. Jackson’s autopsy clearly indicated he had marks consistent with a skin popping administration of drugs during the last 2-3 weeks of his life.   I have never administered Propofol to Mr. Jackson (it was Dr. Hoefflin Murray, and  others.)

c.)With regard to the Demoral issue, I was not the physician administering Demerol to Mr. Jackson in May 2009.  (It was Dr. David Rish and Dr. Illya Reyter, who, if anyone, should be called if this investigation involves Mr. Jackson.   (I never cleared their treatment of Mr. Jackson.)

6.)  I do not have a debilitating disease.  For Ms. Wilson to state that I, or every person who has MS, cannot practice medicine indicates her total misunderstanding of MS.  Furthermore this is clearly information she has received from Muhammad Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer and David Rish. Who have spread this rumour.  Having developed the use of botulinum toxin for the treatment of MS, one must understand that there are several types, such as relapsing-remitting, primary progressive secondary progressive and progressive relapsing.   I have abided by my brilliant personal physician’s recommendations and treatments, and remain fully functional and the best there is at what I do.  With all due respect to millions of functional people with this disease Dr Arnold  Klein does not have MS.. Ms. Wilson should never second-guess medicine.  Remember, even Lou Gehrig did not have Lou Gehrig’s Disease.


7.)          In regard to the Demerol I used it with Mr Jackson  because of the available narcotic analgesics it is the least addiciting working more centrally then on the peripheral receptors for narcotics. To tolerate my work on his face it did require a certain degree of analgesia . Every single treatment I used was discussed and cleared with Mark Honzel an addiction specialist as well as his internest Allen Metzger.


  8) Be aware that I currently am suing Dr Steven Hoefflin who had a cease a desist order against him issued by Michael Jackson For Mrs Jackson to allow Hoefflin  to speak about me is criminal in that it violates the cease and desist order placed on him by Michael Jackson himself.

As has been published “Following Jackson’s death, Hoefflin again began exhibiting erratic behavior in conjunction with his work on behalf of the Jackson family. Specifically, last week, after Jackson’s attorney, Londell McMillan, apparently didn’t take his advice  to ban Jackson’s ex-wife Debbie Rowe from ever seeing the children during the recent custody hearing, Hoefflin blasted out a three-page confrontational letter to McMillan. He expressed his displeasure that his phone calls were not being returned, he accused the attorney of grandstanding and conflicts of interest. He ominously warns McMillan, “If you don’t take me seriously in my desire to protect the best interests of Katherine and the children, then please immediately step into the ring with me.” He again mentions his “well-known genius IQ” and says, “I would just love to litigate with you, both in court and in the public media.”

Hoefflin has previously been on the receiving end of serious allegations. In a lawsuit filed in 1996, four of Hoefflin’s administrative and medical staff from his Santa Monica, California-based surgical center sued for sexual harassment. The women claimed the doctor fondled and made disparaging remarks about the genitals of several of his celebrity patients while they were under anesthesia, that he anesthetized patients and then billed them for procedures he didn’t perform such as Mr Jackson. Hoefflin would put Mr Jackson to sleep with Propofol, turn the clocks forward then wake him up. Also the amount of Propofol Hoefflin used on Jackson frightened the individuals at his surgicenter. Hoeffflin sent some of his favorites patients home with goodie bags of syringes filled with Demerol. The suit also said that the DEA also investigated Hoefflin—if true, no charges were ever filed—and alleged that Hoefflin “began to exhibit huge character and mood swings because of drug abuse and the effects of his lifestyle choices.”

While Hoefflin claims the case ended with him receiving “a substantial amount of money,”  court papers filed in a related case maintain the women each received $42,500 in compensation.

And did Hoefflin, Jackson’s first plastic surgeon, ever give Michael Jackson Demerol, or narcotics? “Well, yes, but only in the hospital,” he said, and only after surgeries. He firmly maintained he never overprescribed drugs to Michael Jackson.

The book Hoefflin should probably be worried about is the LAPD’s. According to an LAPD source familiar with the incidents involving Hoefflin, investigators have taken notice of the plastic surgeon’s recent missives, including the comments about McMillan. “Next time he goes off the deep end,” a police source told me, “he won’t be on a 72-hour [psychiatric] hold. We’ll make sure he’s held for a significant period of time.” Hoefflin use to tour with Jackson



For the above reasons and more, I’m sure you can understand and appreciate that I deeply resent the destructive  and purposely hurtful manner  the Medical Board  investigator Kimberly Wilson has  participated in this unsubstantiated witch-hunt. Furthermore, as an out spoken critic of the FDA I wonder who wants me not to be heard. Obviously I know a great deal about the issues surrounding Michael Jackson’s death. These people are certainly frightened about what I know !

Arnold W. Klein, MD Professor of Medicine and Dermatology David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Klein Chair in Dermatology  David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Retired Professor of Dermatology Stanford Medical School

Visiting Professor of Dermatology Harvard Medical School

Consultant to the General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel of the FDA( Currentlyworking with the Criminal Investigators of the FDA

“Doctor Klein is a brilliant physician and a amazing artist”

-Larry Ellison

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Jason Pfeiffer is in facebook of Diana Diamond

Yes all the rubbish likes to get in touch  :icon_evil:

and Rubbish attract the Rats  >:(
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Obviously I know a great deal about the issues surrounding Michael Jackson's death.

To say what he has to say :icon_e_confused:

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5.)  Unfortunately most people do not understand what I do for a living.   In essence, I rebuild faces with a needle and fillers, instead of knifes and drills.  Is a very arduous procedure that may take multiple visits of 3-5 hours, especially in individuals who have had multiple deforming surgeries or in Mr Jackson’s case over 50 facial surgeries

Many people have done the facial comparisons (me too), and MJ has changed VERY little--just the nose (MJ says 2 surgeries) and cleft.  50 is bunk.

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9/11,Michael Jackson and Fraud Upon the Court.
Posted on September 11, 2012 by AWKMD

I am an attorney. Arnold Klein is a special person to me. Why? Because he saved my life from Ovarian Cancer. Arnie is not merely a good doctor he is probably the finished physician I have ever met. Because of my family history of ovarian cancer he convinced me to have my ovaries removed endoscopically when I turned 50. One of them had already turned cancerous and he is a gifted blessing from above for convincing me to do what I did. Having lost a very dear friend in 9/11 this must be written.
Berry Berenson Perkins was a dear friend and respected American photographer, actress, and model. Died in the September 11 attacks as a passenger on American Airlines Flight 11. When I lost Berry I said to myself “Never again.” Arnie has had over 20 million dollars embezzled majorly by a Pakistani National like those who funded 9/11 and Mumbai. In fact as Doctor Klein has shown me one of Pakistani’s cohort’s in this terrible embezzlement belongs to a group affiliated with the terrorist organization Hamas. The worst part is the bank that allowed this bank fraud to occur with insider help is none other than Private Bank of California, which is owned mostly by lawyers, and Judges in Los Angeles venue of Federal Bankruptcy court. When Arnie was robbed he could not get anyone to listen to him about the embezzlement because the individual’s who essentially killed Michael Jackson were attempting to blame Arnie. Arnie was mourning the death of a dear friend while an entire coalition of male impersonator’s of Irena Medavoy were attacking him. I guess Harvey Levin would not be considered male! Well when no one would listen to Dr. Klein he was told by three-bankruptcy attorney’s to seek protection in bankruptcy court because as Klein’s chosen Attorney David Neale promised the adversarial cases would be swiftly heard.
Once in bankruptcy court Klein learned that David Neale himself held Stock in Private Bank of California, the very same bank through which most of Klein’s funds were embezzled. Once in Bankruptcy Court Judge Neiter bifurcated Arnie’s case such that not one adversarial case has ever been heard. Furthermore Neiter together with David Neale evicted Arnie from his medical office of 39 years which if the facts are reviewed was totally illegal. Then suddenly during one hearing Judge Neiter forgot Arnie had adversarial case at all yet once reminded he stated he bifurcated Klein’s case because Neiter held stock in Private Bank of California. The bankruptcy case is simply no longer viable. In that after a year and a half not a single adversarial case has been heard. As the The Supreme Court has ruled and has reaffirmed the principle that “justice must satisfy the appearance of justice.” Klein has not had justice!
While Neiter should have recused himself according to Federal law and Klein begged his lawyers to recuse Neiter . Neiter just moved the bankrutcy forward in violation of Federal Law which guarantee’s due process of law. Then based on a totally fraudulent loan (Klein never signed it, it has the wrong address of Klein’s beach house, is made by a lawyer Klein never hired and is based on an illegal attempted sale of Klein’s Beach house \, ) Judge Neiter appointed a Trustee, Bradly Sharp .They holder of this illegal loan had complained to Netier that Arnie had spent $1 million of the Insurance proceeds from his home in Hancock Park which had experienced a severe fire. This was totally Incorrect in that $970,000.00 of this supoosed one million dollars was sent directly to the Agency from which Klein rented his temporary housing . Peter Lively, Klein’s bankruptcy attorney at the time the Trustee was appointed was very much aware of the truth but did not present it in court. Lively is clearly guilty of obstruction of Justice. Again, Dr Klein please remember the judge has a legal duty to disqualify himself even if there is no motion asking for his disqualification.

In regard to Private Bank of California theirs is not a pretty tale Solyndra, the solar panel company which was involved in a huge national scandal involving the Obama administration, ousted their CEO and asked that Hollywood’s persistent and controversial bankruptcy trustee, R. Todd Neilson, take over the restructuring of the company. Only one thing: Neilson and Richard Pachulski, a Los Angeles-Century City bankruptcy attorney who’s earned substantial fees already on Solyndra, are regular teammates in high profile cases. They are also linked by the controversial Private Bank of California. Neilson is the chairman of the board. Richard Pachulski is a director. Among the many cases they’ve worked on together and earned millions from is superstar boxer Mike Tyson’s bankruptcy case.
Pachulski’s law firm, Pachulski, Stang Ziehl and Jones, has been earning big fees from the Solyndra matter for some time according to AM Law Journal. They reported: “…bankruptcy boutique Pachulski Stang Ziehl & Jones is advising Solyndra on its Chapter 11 proceedings through name partner [Richard] Pachulski ($950), partners Debra Grassgreen ($795), Bruce Grohsgal ($705), and Joshua Fried ($650), and of counselShirley Cho ($650). Court records show that Solyndra paid $400,000 to Pachulski Stang in the year prior to its bankruptcy filing.” The numbers in parentheses are what the lawyers earn per hour.
That’s not all: at least one other director of the Private Bank of California, A. Stuart Rubin, is Pachulski’s partner in a separate real estate company. Neilson’s involvement in the Private Bank of California as well as numerous celebrity bankruptcies, has been questionable for some time. His own firm, LECG, went belly up in its own financial scandal this year. Neilson decamped to a company started by a former LECG partner, giving itself the proper sounding name of Berkeley Research Group.
Meanwhile, other members of the board of the Private Bank of California include two partners from the same big deal Hollywood law firm of which the attorney John Branca is a member. This is Gary Stiffelman and Melanie Cook. While Branca currently represents the Jackson estate His representation has recently been called into question because of Michael’s mental status when he resigned with Branca.

Bradly Sharp who was appointed trustee is also involved with Private Bank of California.. Look into the Chapter 11 case of Namco Capital in LA that also has Nielsen and Pachulski of Private Bank of California collaborating to fleece creditors. In regards Namvar Namco
The Trustee and their army of “professionals” raped Old people, widows and orphans of what is left of this estate.
Nielsen and Pachulski of Private Bank of California and Bradly Sharp together with the help of Bob Safai sold the most valuable asset of the estate and leaked whats left of it like vouchers.

In Regard to Klein’s case Bradly Sharp has already iillegally claimed a painting owned by Klein’s corporation. This painting was given to Sharp by the Asst. District Attorney of LA and Police Officer Don Hrycyk . To llegally release a piece of corporate property (the painting) to the personal bankruptcy Court Trustee (Bradley Sharp) who has absolutely no right to claim ownership of any corporate items is a felony in California.

Bradly Sharp and the bankruptcy attorney Peter Lively have illegally withheld Klein’s SSI causing emergency hospitalization and a castrophic illness. Furthermore though cash exists Sharp has made so that Klein is unable to purchase all his required medication.

Chartis had been paying Klein’s alternative living expenses (ALE)which have no limit according to Klein’s policy. However, when Bradly Sharp became the Trustee he swiftly fired Jeremy Oscher and caused the ALE to stop., Klein was forced to move into another residence 70 miles from his office, while his elderly aunt Helene must live in the apartment over the garage at the So. Windsor home that has yet to be restored from the fire. .This apartment has no air conditioning and the temperature in that apartment has risen well over 100 degrees. The workmen have left this property totally filthy and unfit for human habitation

Bradley Sharp has totally halted the rebuilding of the Klein’s residence at 553 S Windsor Blvd. and now has illegally taken corporate paintings from his homes and wishes to sell all my fire damage art to rebuild Klein’s Windsor home. It that Klein is covered by insurance I believe possible insurance fraud is occurring and would question Sharp’s relationship with the insurer Chartis.

It should also be noted that members of the law firm Ziffren, Brittenham and Branca are among as stated previously directors of Private Bank of California. While Branca is currently in Charge of the Jackson Estate there is a great probability that Klein has information they might be worried would bring this into question.

Arnold besides Fraud upon the Court which clearly negates
All action of Judge Neiter in that he is clearly not impartial.
Both you and your aunt have been abused by the Trustee and The Bankruptcy Abuse and Protection Act of 2005 should apply. Is Obama aware that this is the very same bank which caused problems for his administration

Remember you are being abused and can appeal directly to the district court a without a lawyer. I see you have already dealt with Dershowitz and Cotchett. Cotchett has one of the 10 biggest ego’s in law today(did he tell you about his private plane or the retirement story)and Dershowitz , well he is just Dershowitz! Remember you are brighter and more famous than any of these men….Stay Strong

I love you and if you
need help I will get in touch with Hillary!
Keep saving faces and lives.

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If you are a Shareholder in Private Bank of California please contact me
Posted on September 13, 2012 by AWKMD

My name is Arnold William Klein MD and I have some critical information regarding Private Bank of California. I pioneered the field of modern cosmetic dermatology. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Medicine, I completed my post-graduate education at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and my medical residencies in dermatology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). I have maintained a private dermatology practice in Beverly Hills for more than 37 years. I am considered by many the individual responsible for the develpment of treatments in cosmetic dermatology, including developing minimally invasive injection techniques for physical enhancements, such as Botox, collagen and Restylane and JuvedermIn 2004, the UCLA Division of Dermatology announced the Arnold Klein, M.D., Chair in Dermatology. The endowed chair supports teaching, research and pilot projects at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Klein has been part of the UCLA faculty for years and has volunteered as a Professor of Medicine and Dermatology at the David Geffen School of Medicine. I also am a Visiting Professor of Dermatology at Harvard and a retired Professor of Dermtology at Stanford

In August 2009 Muhammad Khilji and Jason Pfeiffer opened several bank accounts at The Private Bank of California (“Private Bank”). The Master Account Agreement and Authorization Business Signature Card form is signed by Pfeiffer and Khilji, who identify themselves as authorized signers, and dated August 18, 2009. The signature of Arnold W. Klein as President is reflected on the document, but Dr. Klein never signed it. In or around August 2009, Khilji and/or Pfeiffer signed multiple documents that were submitted to Private Bank in connection with accounts in the name of Dr. Klein and/or his medical businesses. Dr. Klein was never informed of these documents and never authorized their submission. It appears that in at least one instance Catherine Coler of Private Bank approved forms that were submitted by Khilji and/or Pfeiffer without Dr. Klein’s knowledge or authorization. Coler never made any attempts to contact Dr. Klein regarding this account activity. Dr. Klein was not informed of the accounts opened by Khilji and Pfeiffer at Private Bank. He never stepped foot inside Private Bank or met with any bank representatives. In order to cover up their fraud, it appears that Khilji and Pfeiffer had Private Bank send account statements and other documents to an address that was associated with Khilji’s business instead of Dr. Klein’s medical office. This misdirection of account statements precluded Dr. Klein from discovering Khilji and Pfeiffer’s fraudulent conduct. Private Bank never contacted Dr. Klein to verify any information relating to the creation or use of the multiple accounts in his name or in the name of his companies. To the contrary, Private Bank was well aware that information relating to the multiple bank accounts was not being sent to Dr. Klein’s personal or professional address. For months after the accounts were opened, Private Bank failed to send account statements to Dr. Klein or take any other steps to ensure he received notice of activity regarding bank accounts purportedly opened in his name. In January 2010, Joyce E. Jicka of Private Bank wrote to Muhammad Khilji. In her email, Jicka stated that she “noticed that all these account statements are still going to NKSF.” It is unclear what Jicka meant when she referred to “NKSF” and it unclear why Jicka chose to communicate with Khilji via email instead of sending a letter to Dr. Klein’s attention. Jicka asked Khilji to send her a letter asking for the address to be changed. Jicka listed the names and partial account numbers for 10 (ten) bank accounts with various names. Again, despite knowledge that account statements were not sent to Dr. Klein, Jicka made no effort to contact Dr. Klein. Apparently in response to Jicka’s request, in February 2010, Khilji wrote to Private Bank requesting that the address for account statements for ten (10) accounts be changed to 435 North Roxbury Dr., Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90210:

Arnold W. Klein MD – xxx7991

Arnold W. Klein MD – xxx8007

Arnold William Klein MD – xxx2366

Arnold William Klein MD – xxx2382

Arnold William Klein MD – xxx2390

Arnold William Klein MD – xxx6409

Khilji-Pfeiffer – xxx2358

Khilji-Pfeiffer – xxx6417

Minimally Invasive – xxx2473

Minimally Invasive – xxx6490

At least two of the accounts appear to bear the name “Khilji-Pfeiffer.” Dr. Klein is informed and believes firmly that Khilji and Pfeiffer used an entity they created, Khilji-Pfeiffer, LLC, to facilitate numerous fraudulent transactions and to funnel funds that were unlawfully converted from Dr. Klein’s bank and investment accounts.In May 2010, Khilji signed a document titled “Cash Management Client Enrollment & Agreements/Disclosures Acceptance Form” for Private Bank and representing himself as “Power of Attorney” for accounts in the name of Arnold W. Klein MD. In May 2010, Khilji and Pfeiffer also executed documents to authorize wire transfers and on-line banking access for Dr. Klein’s personal, business and other accounts at Private Bank. Private Bank power of Attorney documents are not notarized and are totally incomplete.

Dr. Klein’s signature is not evident on any of these documents. Khilji and Pfeiffer used the accounts at

The Private Bank to pilfer millions of dollars from Dr. Klein without his knowledge and they had insider assistance.

In late summer of 2010, upon returning from a trip, Dr. Klein attempted to use his American Express credit card for a nominal purchase (less than $10.00). The card was denied; the denial came as a complete shock to Dr. Klein. In the following weeks, Dr. Klein learned that his finances had been substantially depleted, that several loans had been taken out without his knowledge, and that substantial funds had been fraudulently withdrawn from his investment and retirement accounts without his knowledge. Dr Klein also noted Richard Charley, Bob Yaspan, todd Gallinger (these 2 last attorneys Klein never hired) together With Muhammad Khilji, Jason Pfeiffer and Robert Lorsch (a man of questionable ethics who introduced Pfeiffer and Khilji to Private Bank of California ) made settlements in Klein’s name with drug companies who owed Klein significant amounts and kept the funds. One illegal settlement made with Medicis robbed Klein in excess of 1 million dollars. This is under investigation by the criminal division of the FDA. Richard Charnley and his associate Brad Boyer working with Jason Pfeiffer and Muhammad Khilji illegally released Michael Jackson’s records supposedly to get Klein paid by the Jackson Estate. Furthermore they shared these records with lawyers of AEG Both the release of a patients records and sharing them with individuals is a violation of Hipaa. Klein was to be paid by AEG and by releasing the records in the manner they were released. The dosing of medication Mr. Michael Jackson actually received from Dr. Klein was greatly exaggerated by such news programs such as TMZ .Dr. Klein terminated his relationship with Khilji and Pfeiffer simply walked away. Pfeiffer had used some of the embezzled funds to purchase a Bentley from Kathy Hilton, Furthermore Klein gave the case to file to Attorney Bill Seki. While Seki filed the case with the Beverly Hills Police but it was never investigated. Similarly Klein filed the case with Laguna Beach Police as well as Homeland Security and nothing was done In October of 2010 Klein had a devastating fire at his Windsor Square Home.Damage to his home exceeded 2 million dollars and damage to his art and collectables is in excess of 8 million dollars. The home was built in 1914 and is listed as one of the great Mansions of Los Angeles. Dr Klein only entered bankruptcy court because the local government as well as Homeland Security refused to respond to his claims of embezzlement .Once in bankruptcy court Klein’s Attorney David Neale,who had guaranteed  Klein’s adversarial cases would be swiftly heard in the court, Klein learned held Stock in Private Bank of California. This is the very same bank through which most of Klein’s funds were embezzled. Long before he admitted he held stock In Private Bank of California Judge Neiter bifurcated Klein’s case such that after a year and a half not a single adversarial case has been heard. While Neiter by Federal Law must remove himself because his lack of objectivity , Neiter just moved the bankruptcy forward in violation of Federal Law which guarantee’s due process of law. Then based on a totally fraudulent loan the funds for which were deposited in Private Bank Judge Neiter appointed a Trustee Bradly Sharp who is also involved with questionable activity at Private Bank of California. Finally Attorney John Branca. (The man who many doubt has the right to represent Mr Michael Jackson) law firm currently holds multple seats on the Board of Directors of Private Bank of California. Dr Arnold Klein was the physician to Mr Michael Jackson for over 30.He is very much aware of the events surrounding Mr Jackson’s death and believes the fraudulent manner in which his bankruptcy has been handled is based both on the bank fraud committed by Private Bank and the information Dr Klein has surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. Currently the merger of Private Bank of California (“PBCA”) (PBCA) into Beach Business Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of First PacTrust Bancorp will result in shareholders receiving only approximately $13.00 per diluted share of PBCA stock owned.If you are  currently a shareholder at Private Bank of Cslifornia I can help you. Please contact me  at

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