Media Cicus in the name of DEATH

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Media Cicus in the name of DEATH

  • on: December 27, 2009, 05:05:42 PM
Hi I follow your discussions about the death of Jackson. I advanced my opinion and if you would ask s.o.
Who has the same job or knows the straight handling and rules by Celebs in L.A., he would subscribe to my few.
Read these points like a balance sheet and at least you will realize that the Media or Jackson, Sony etc has given to all fans lies to push the PR.

Press Conference o2 a simple lie. A Press Conference is never for the Public.
With a equipment of 6000&$ you can’t produce a 3 D Movie.
Memorial Booklet is 3 different versioning with faults, impossible. The printing plant could close.
M.J. wants always have the best in his life and by work . Why does he book Mazur a Photographer
Who has no high ranking?
Also impossible to be on work for days in Staples Centre . That’s in no budget and Sony or Virgin would
Give no Jackson or Madonna a ok. For such unnecessary expenditure.
I could write a lot of Pre and Post production rules and the agreements.
O2, Staples Centre, This is it (Movie) , Funeral, Memorial is so obscure , that I feel that someone likes to fool a
Millions of People. I am not mental handicapped and I am tired of this bullshit.
The sales volume and PR gets higher and higher and the Jackson are bellowing all lines, because everybody is on the bandwagon. If Michael Jackson is dead or not he has made his dream come true.
He and his family have raised a monument.
If Jackson has faked his death I can´t accept any excuse. Death is a very serious theme and however you are under pressure it is immoral and irresponsible to fake your Death.
If you have any question, or like a discussion. Feel yourself free.
But please be open minded and if admire or adore Michael please try to be objective.
He was a Performer and a tough business man.
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Re: Media Cicus in the name of DEATH

  • on: December 27, 2009, 07:43:30 PM
ok... now while i'd love MJ to be with us more than anything else in the world,
i am glad that someone is putting this out here; the fact that MJ is also a hard buisness man,  i know we all "know" him as a soft saintlike individual but i agree there has to be another side to him to or he would not have become the brilliant world known artist he is today. I know alot will say, yeah but thats because he's also a great humanitarian and thats true too,  i've always loved MJ but personally i did'nt know very much of his humanitarian works until i started researching him since june 25th. So yeah , even though some will say here "whaaatttt mj would never have done this for money reasons or the likes" you can't deny the fact that his "demise" is raking in millions of dollars... jmho
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Re: Media Cicus in the name of DEATH

  • on: December 27, 2009, 11:53:15 PM
I am a big Michael fan since I am 6 years old so I am a  fan for about 20 years. And I have asked myself what about Michael is true. I think that he is not only shy and open to peoples problems all over the world and I do think that it is real what he does for humanity.

And I also think that Michael is a hard working man and if you go to people like that with a thin voice and shy no one in this hard bisiness will take you seriously. So it is just logical to me that Michael  has another side to achieve the top in his category.

As  I was going thinking about Michael there has come  immediately an idea in to my mind. It is that Michael always wanted to be the first who has done something other people just have thought about. He will be the first person who faked his death and go down in history because of that. He is the one who could turn everything around not only in the film but also in reality. Faking a death is nothing new to think about even not to spread it in the media, but it is new to use it as a comeback and to be the first artist who made this really popular, the same with his moonwalk. A lot of people think that Michael has invented the moonwalk,but it is not true his dance is nothing new (was not new) but it becomes so big because of Michaels success.

I will continue on my thoughts....I am too tired right now
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At a time of pervasive fraud, it is a revolutionary act to say the truth!

(George Orwell)

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Re: Media Cicus in the name of DEATH

  • on: December 31, 2009, 06:02:50 PM
If  someone suddenly dropped dead it is  devistating and how stories keep coming out about his death 6 months later it would be horrible to live through and The Jackson's keep feeding them info and responding especially TMZ which we all have a hunch they may be in on it and why would the family broadcast the memoral and burial if he if they were so distraught. I know it was for the fans but come on. I would think that they would want some respect and privacy. But if he was under a witness protection program like some of the video's suggest then they would want to play it up big to draw attention that  he is gone. Things died down finally after 2 months of constant reporting on CNN and Hln after the burial and that led onto This is It so they had to keep the media and fans  glued to see what would happen next and create attention to This is it.

 Another observation I just thought of was of all the clips Kenny Ortega released a few days after his death of This is It , it was the part when Martin Luther says "The greatest demonstration of Freedom the World has ever seen. I just figured that out as a clue not long ago .  Kenny Ortega's latest tweet says Just watching Pay it Forward which  is about a boy who helps one person and they have to help another and so on,one of the videos for Wake up call suggests a pay it forword type of message about consperisy and other lies and tell us to get the truth out and the scene where they multiply the dancers in the movie alludes to the Pay if Forword thing 11 turn in to 1,000 and so on. This is getting so exciting and have you noticed a lot more videos coming out with clues
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