Blanket's MJ Doll?

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Re: Blanket's MJ Doll?

  • on: November 25, 2011, 02:16:50 AM

It's an interesting topic, looking at it so much later. My first reaction to seeing it way back, and also the media's, was that it made the children look more pitiable as orphans, accompanied by Paris' emotional heart-wrenching telling of her love for her Daddy.
But now, knowing that Paris was doing "improv" with her Dad at the memorial (lol), and that at the MJ tribute in Cardiff Blanket says, "I'm very happy to introduce our father on this special night",  I'm not so sure this was so innocent.
The Black or White lyrics tell of harmony around the world regardless of skin color.  I think MJ gave even little Blanket a job to do, however small.

 afraid/ WHOA! That video is TOTAL news to me.
My hoaxie senses are tingling.  rr/

I know Blanket is so young, but... again, remember how educated these kids are, and who raised them.
Who taught them to look at the world with loving, yet finely discerning eyes, and to speak with actions louder than words, or simple words louder than they seem?

Their father, who did the very same thing.
Blanket is old enough to know what he's saying, and he does not seem nervous to me.

That is so cute and true, by the way, about what kind of message Blanket could truly be delivering of equality, just by being himself...

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