Katherine Jackson's Attorney Denied Access Into Home By Nephew TJ

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X17 EXCLUSIVE - Katherine Jackson's Attorney Denied Access Into Home By Nephew TJ, Family Worried For Her Safety - Michael Jackson - Photos & Pics

Perry Sanders Jr. is ready to have Katherine Jackson sign paperwork to be reinstated as guardian of Michael's three children ... Paris, Prince and Blanket, however we've learned exclusively that TJ Jackson has instructed security to not allow him into Katherine's Calababas home.

Our Jackson family source tells X17online exclusively:
TJ won't allow Perry to do his job and won't allow his grandmother to speak to any of her children. Trent and the security team, who Katherine fired already, are refusing to leave the premises. They also won't answer the phone at the house. Family members are worried sick about Katherine's safety. Once again, they are using trickery.

Just yesterday, Tito Jackson's 34-year-old son was granted temporary guardianship. However, as X17 first reported, Katherine's attorney Perry Sanders Jr. is ready to file paperwork "asap."

We told you first that Katherine fired Trent and the entire security team before leaving her vacation spot in Arizona to come home. Our family source, who heard the phone conversation, says Katherine directly told Trent, "You better be gone by the time I return home." Trent replied with the following: "We don't work for you, we work for the estate. We're not leaving."

The Jacksons tell us they believe family advisor John Branca was behind the confrontation on Monday at the Jackson estate between Janet, Randy, Jermaine, Paris, Prince, Trent and the security team.

Family members add that Branca "is trying to paint a picture that under Katherine's supervision, the kids aren't being cared for." They also believe TJ is being coached by Branca.

UPDATE: 6:30 PM PST - The Jackson family has confirmed to us that Katherine is safe at this moment, despite TJ blocking her attorney from entering the home.

UPDATE: 9:40 PM PST - Perry Sanders Jr., Mrs. Jackson's attorney, was eventually allowed into the home to speak with Katherine. Sanders tells X17 exclusively: "I had a long and productive meeting today with Mrs. Jackson. I am pleased to report that she is fine and she laughed at the widely publicized report that she had suffered a stroke. I will be releasing a formal statement tomorrow morning regarding the results of the meeting."

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Family members add that [. . .] They also believe TJ is being coached by Branca.

Not, IMHO. I think I, for one, am going to just Keep Watchin'.  :icon_cool:
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For godness sake...this just gets better and better.  Like a real "Who dunnit" thriller...Lots of suspense and twists and turns.

It is certainly keeping me on my toes.  KEEP WATCHIN.

The whole point of this drama, started about the estate and the fake will.  I'm thinking John Branca has more power than we know.  He obvioulsy pays for Trent Jackson and the security staff to be there ....and they pay the rent for that house as well....

I'm hoping the plot is to set up Branca even further.......Seeing if they would take over guardianship of PPB, by keeping KJ away and leaving the children vulnerable.  They did state in a letter that they were worried about KJ and MJ's kids and will ensure Michaels children will be taken care of.......

After reading all these conflicting articles, I'm now starting to see things more clearly.  Its not just a setup....its a complete TAKEOVER.
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I haven't seen anything that indicates to me that the Estate lawyers are bad guys.

Notice the headline: DENIED ACCESS, notice the update: Granted access...

Lovely how the media ran with the headline anyway. Like they would change that to be more accurate or something... lol.
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she laughed at the widely publicized report that she had suffered a stroke.

Wasn't this supposedly the start/reason for the whole fiasco/feud?  Just like MJ had a drug/insomnia problem? :Michael_Jackson_dancing_smile


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