twitter accounts created by people involved in the hoax

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I decided to check when some of the people who we believe are part of this hoax created their twitter accounts:

1. Nelson De La Nuez
Joined March 2009
5:48 PM March 11th, 2009
Joined March 2009
7:28 AM March 16th, 2009
3. Kenny Ortega
Joined March 2009
8:04 PM March 25th, 2009
4. Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth TaylorVerified account 
Joined March 2009
6:01 PM March 27th, 2009
5. Oskar Rodriguez
Joined April 2009
2:13 PM April 21st, 2009
6. Karen Faye
Karen FayeProtected Tweets 
Joined May 2009
9:09 PM May 6th, 2009

7. MJJackson1958 (I believe this is Michael or someone close to him)
Michael Jackson
Joined June 2009
1:17 PM June 8th, 2009
8. Janet Jackson
Janet JacksonVerified account 
Joined July 2009
10:25 PM July 1, 2009
9. Jackie Jackson
Jackie JacksonVerified account 
Joined July 2009
12:29 AM July 21, 2009
10. Randy Jackson
Randy JacksonVerified account 
Joined October 2009
12:38 PM October 14th, 2009
11. Tito Jackson
Tito JacksonVerified account 
Joined December 2009
3:37 PM December 4th, 2009
12. Marlon Jackson
Marlon Jackson5
Joined December 2009
12:24 AM December 15th, 2009
13. kai chase
Joined December 2009
3:10 December 16th, 2009
14. Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine JacksonVerified account 
Joined April 2010
7:52 PM April 2nd, 2010
15. Halima Rashad
Halima Rashid
Joined May 2010
10:59 PM May 14th, 2010

Nelson, Teddy, Kenny and Elizabeth all in March; the month of the 02 conference.

Who else can we check on?

Love you Michael!

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iamhere4mj, really, thank you for your post!
This will really help.

About the account you think it is MJ himself or someone close to him, I was looking at it and I noticed something about the last tweets.

If somebody can explain, I don't think there is a program to change the date of your tweets. Why the 'the dates are fast approaching'? (19th June 2009) Why would, a fan or an impersonator, say that, and then boom! 6 days later MJ dies. Somebody explain ><!

Thank you again, iamhere4mj

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe..”
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You're welcome - I can't answer your question if dates can be changed on twitter but I can add times to some of the tweets which brings up more questions.

For instance, remember Michael being read the riot act on June 20th because of missed rehearsals and all that?

Well on June 19th he tweeted 'The dates are fast approaching' at 9:17 AM. For someone being so out of it, how did he muster any strength to tweet at 9:17 AM?

The tweet about Neverland is interesting because he actually was making the house in Kent like Neverland, there is an article online about this. This tweet was tweeted at 5:23 AM.

Also the tweet about six marching drummers with no beards or stubble is very similar to what was asked for the kids wanted for either Heal The World or Will You Be There - can't remember which song it as for.

And can someone confirm if accounts are terminated/closed if not used after a certain amount of time?

This accounts last tweet is from June 2009.

Love you Michael!


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