Blogger Charles Thomson (CE Thomson) on Twitter & just how much does he know?

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Award winning writer, Huffington Post blogger and media commentator. Has been described as The Simon Cowell of Twitter. All views are my own.

England · Charles Thomson - Freelance Writer/Reporter

I've been following this guys twitter for a few days now...He seem to know alot about the executors...and about what went down over the last few days..
Here are the tweets:

 13h  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@im_goddess I just can't get over this attitude of entitlement. 'We demand to know this'. 'We won't rest until that'. Outrageous

Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@im_goddess They're just willing to put aside their hatred of Katherine as an excuse to attack the rest of the family.

 Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@im_goddess Half the fans expressing their faux-outrage usually spend all day bitching and whining about how Katherine's a golddigger.

  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@im_goddess The family were not the conspirators. If anybody, it was the people now cutting Katherine's monthly cheque.  

Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@im_goddess When Michael spoke about conspiracy, he turned to his family for support. They walked into the courthouse with him every day.  

777MJJ ‏@777MJJ
Since Trent Jackson was one of the recipients of the fam's letter, & the one who filed "missing person" report, I am thus far considering...

Retweeted by Charles Thomson
  Jo (Luna) ‏@LunaJo67
The fans should stop acting like they are a family member that has a "right' to anything. You do not! You have the right to sit back and wait

  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@jenheger @jermjackson5 It means the individual who filed the report *thinks* they are missing.  

Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@jenheger @jermjackson5 Just because someone is reported missing, it doesn't mean they're missing.

  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@jenheger Only 'sad' if you assume that she's trying to come home but can't. Maybe she's enjoying her break.  

Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@phyll33 Thanks!

 Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@im_goddess So because fans buy people's records, they get to bark instructions at them on twitter like landowners barking at slaves?

Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
Unbelievable that these nuts sit behind their keyboards issuing orders to popstars they've never met. Seriously. Who do they think they are?

 Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
Attention seekers, drama queens and self-righteous nutters. Get off your high horses. Have some kids and tell *them* what to do.

  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
The police have made very clear today that this is not an urgent case and there is no cause to believe Katherine was ever in any danger.

  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
You don't get to demand anything, you lunatics. You are in no position to be issuing demands. What a bunch of absolute fruitcakes.

  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
The self-righteousness of the fans is hilarious. 'We won't rest until we hear from Katherine.' Who the fuck are you?

 Connie ‏@liberty54
@CEThomson @tomclarky How do these have the audacity to call MJ family Greedy. When the Executors makes $47.5m in 3yrs Katherine get $1.2m
Retweeted by Charles Thomson

FavoritedFavorite 14h  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@Ivy_MJJC @MusicMechanik @U4MJL @KingMikeJ @tomclarky Hilarious that fans try to defend the executors taking 4x more than the beneficiaries.

  Charles Thomson ‏@CEThomson
@Ivy_MJJC @MusicMechanik @U4MJL @KingMikeJ @tomclarky That's still a quarter of what the executors are taking.

Charles Thomson (CEThomson) on Twitter

When the Executors makes $47.5m in 3yrs Katherine get $1.2m   I can't believe it...So the executors get four times as much as the estate!!!  WTH.

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Yeah, seems that Charles needs to work on his math. He is only telling half truths and just my opinion: I think he knows shit. He has a big mouth and finds it very easy to take a hit on the estate in any way he can find, while he only knows a snippet of the whole story. He called me delusional for saying Michael is alive and ridiculed me on Twitter for it. I don't like his attitude at all and I think he should do his homework first. The estate forked in 475 million, they got 10%. Another executor would have forked in 100 million and take 20-25 million. Lawyers get paid, they have to do work for that, it's simply logic they make money for themselves, especially not when you have to work under the circumstance Branca is under with all the attacks coming from every side. 10% is not a bad fee. It looks like a lot of money, because they forked in 10 times as much. The rest was allegedly used to pay off debts. If they wouldn't do that as fast as they could (if those debts were indeed that high), the interest would have been so high by now that those debts would be even higher. That would mean the KIDS would have to fork that over one day, because a debt doesn't disappear just like that, they only get bigger every year. Then there is money going into the trust of the kids, if we may believe the reports, and there is money going directly to Katherine and the kids to live. $427,500,000 has been used for the BENEFIT of the children/Michael. $1.2 million? So where does he claim the rest of the $426,300,000 has gone?

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Charles got his notoriety from writing a blog on Huffington Post called The Most Shameful Episode In Journalistic History.  since then, in my opinion, he has had his head up his.

Before then, he was reportedly to have been an MJ basher on the forums, a troll who was calling Michael all kinds of derogatory names, making fun of his appearance, etc.. 

I don't like his know it all attitude and the way he responds to fans of a different opinion.  For a journalist, he spends more time on twitter than anyone I know.  He is full of himself and is a big mouth.  He thinks his opinion is the only valid one and will quickly point out anything he feels as inconsistent with "his" facts.  Not that he points them out that irritates me, but that he feels obliged to call people names because of their beliefs.  To me that validates the aforementioned which he denied vehemently.
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I also believe he knows more than he's letting on - isn't he the one that requested the FBI Files be released, am I correct? To me, that is no coincidence. Either he was prompted by someone outside of the Jackson family to do that and he complied not knowing the part it would play in the hoax or he was asked directly by a Jackson.

I personally don't think he knows anything about the hoax. It's true that he used to be an MJ basher but he had a change of heart after taking time to do his research. And now he totally supports MJ, from what I can see. That is more than one can say for the D Diamonds of the world who refuse to believe they could have been wrong.

I agree with Souza - what do people expect the estate lawyers to do - work for free? I'd be willing to bet they put in a lot of hours and as stated, having to deal with demanding fans/supporters at every turn doesn't help. The amount they make is dependent on the amount they bring in. I was totally against them in the beginning, thinking that Michael didn't want them there. But, it's been told that Michael rehired Branca just a few days before 6/25/09 and they have done an incredible job from what we've been shown. I also highly doubt any other attorney would be able to do what Branca and his group has done.

As for the 1.2 million - we must remember that the estate not only pulled the Encino home out of foreclosure (that's what we've been told - not so sure it really was that bad) but paid off the debt of that home, is supposedly paying for remodeling, and I think the 1.2 million isn't covering the lease on their Calabassas home. I thought the money that Katherine brought in was to pay for her personal assistant, etc. I'm sure that Michael is taking good care of Katherine.

As for the demands of the fans, it is pretty incredible how bold they are to think they are entitled to know what's going on. We are given the privilege to look in from the outside but supporting an artist doesn't give us rights into their lives. JMO.

Blessings :)
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Anyone who does a research can know as much as him

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I don't think he knows much.  From the beginning he said he wasn't a believer.  In fact, he said mean things about us.  But I'm loving and agreeing with him on the behaviour of some of the fans on twitter.  Hilarious!

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charles thomson......I know who he is, I used to follow him, but I saw that he said believers were crazy, so I didnt bother following him after that........he doesnt know anything really does he?


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