Katherine Jackson missing and Pellicano connections...New video from Twiggy

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This is how Pellicano got into Hollywood (why does this remind me of van Exel?).

the story making the rounds in Chicago even today is that Pellicano orchestrated the event to gain publicity


Six years after finding Todd’s remains, Pellicano [...] headed for California, where [...] a grateful Elizabeth Taylor introduced Pellicano to her Hollywood friends.” The high-powered L.A. attorney Howard Weitzman hired Pellicano to help him successfully defend the automaker John DeLorean on cocaine-trafficking charges. After that, Pellicano became the go-to guy for Hollywood’s A-list stars; most memorably, he was front and center in Michael Jackson’s 1993 counterattack against a 13-year-old boy who accused the singer of sexual molestation. His role in that case prompted a series of profiles that further thrust the detective into the public spotlight.
How a Chicago Detective Found the Stolen Body of Elizabeth Taylor's Third Husband, Mike Todd - Chicago magazine - September 2007 - Chicago

Pellicano - Brad Grey et all - Murdoch - this is a possible connection from what is available in the web.

Pellicano was put in jail for 15 years for some other heavy stuff and is trying to get out now.
A court hearing was postponed due to health issues.
Anthony Pellicano Bail Hearing Postponed - Hollywood Reporter

He could be a free man, soon.

Well, Pellicano and Murdoch are the same way of act

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Pellicano was pilot scheme, testing waters & finding loopholes, RM was mass execution.

Interesting how far the web allegedly went.

Some further digging by the Unconfirmed Sources reporter revealed that
indeed the entire "accidental eavesdropping incident" had been
orchestrated by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove in
conjunction with recently indicted celebrity private investigator Anthony
Polls now show that the president's [add: George W. Bush] illegal wiretapping public-relations campaign spearheaded by Rove, and now apparently Pellicano, appears to be incredibly effective. While the American public overwhelmingly disagrees with the effectiveness and direction of the Bush administration leadership domestically, internationally, and economically, 56% of those polled have no real problems with domestic spying.

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