Medium ? you ?

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Re: Medium ? you ?

  • on: July 19, 2012, 11:55:24 PM
I know there are people who have powers to feel what others feel, but all proof I can offer is my testimony.
A few years ago my husband met a young boy who has some powers. He was selling icons from place to place and some day he was in the company where my husband works.
My husband invited him in his office and asked him about a our relatives and about his wife, meaning myself.
When it came to me - the young boy told my husband that I have some pains behind my neck, he even pointed to my husband the exact place. Note that I wasn't there and indeed, for a couple of months I have had those pains due to some extreme physical effort I have made.

I was very impressed when, later in the afternoon, my husband came home and told me the story.
Oh, and my husband bought an icon from that boy and told him he was planning to give it to his mother in law (my mother), but the young boy said no, give it to your son, it won't do any good to your mother in law now (my mother died in a few months). And my son is a very religious person.