Private Investigators Digging Into Whitney’s Death Details…

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HSK Exclusive - What’s listed as Whitney Houston’s ‘official’ cause of death may not be how the pop princess really died.

One Hollywood insider exclusively tells HSK that’s why a private investigation is currently underway to not only uncover the exact details surrounding Houston’s death, but to also “instigate” a new “official” investigation into the case. Know why? Because our source reveals “a very powerful man paid a sizable bribe to “someone” to speed closure to the matter.”

Now, almost four-months since Houston’s “accidental drowning”, sources reveal the secret strike team is looking into bruises found on the Grammy Award-winning singer’s body during her autopsy.
We’re told the team of top notch detectives and forensic financial sleuths are also working on finding out the exact origin of what they’re referred to as a “batch of sleepy coke” – a substance which may have caused Houston to pass out in the hotel tub.

Here’s what our insider had to say about the sketchy situation:

“A certain little call boy from across the pond should be concerned. I ain’t even got to say no names on that.”

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    • Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators
Interesting. I hope they will get to the bottom of this.


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  • Playing it safe is the riskiest choice.
I'm sure a lot of lies have been told about her death.

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lmao Those Private Investigators need to take a look at our Whitney thread first! and read it from the first to the last page! :icon_geek: :icon_lol: :icon_lol:
Whitney Houston Dead at 48 | Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators - Page 22

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comment of Im_convincedmjalive  with which I agree.
I hope that some day the truth be known.

2 Timothy 4:3-4 KJV For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; (4) And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

I am somewhat baffled that Whitney's death is still continuing as a talk of a hoax. Just because funeral programs, coffins, flowers on coffin, etc. are similiar to MJ's and probably many other non famous people does NOT make it a hoax or part of MJ's plan. There are NO clues left by Whitney to say she hoaxed her death. MJ has left multiple clues to say he is alive.

The posts by TS giving intimate secrets of how things were done is the clincher to prove indeed MJ is alive and he is telling us his reasons for doing it. It appears to me that many of you have taken similarities in tastes and turned them into clues by your own imaginations. What proof (not similarities) will you have to show in the end you are on the right track thinking Whitney's death is a hoax? There is more proof her death was a ritual sacrifice. God Bless Whitney's soul for enduring the trauma.

MJ/TS/Front (back and S.T.U.D.Y.) have wrote to us what this hoax is all about. NWO/EOW/Spiritual warfare, and some more...

TS as The Sign wrote to us a long 1st sign of what is coming and what has been. Satan will use any and everything at his disposal to sidetrack and confuse those who are easily fooled. MJ has tried to teach us critical thinking and how to discern between real and fake over these last 2 plus years during this adventure. Why does it appear many of you have thrown that out the window? Why does it appear that this (Whitney's death) is the only focus and the AoC, knowing the real/truth from the false has been tossed to the side?

No matter what happens from Alpha to Omega there will be sidetrack stories and the real test is being able to entertain a story until you can quickly figure out if it is real or fake.

Never forget the Bigger Picture.

I am also surprised by those who think Cissy's letter to her daughter is creepy/scary. She experienced the Holy Spirit explaining to her how long she would have Whitney, the Holy Spirit visited her and rang her doorbell. I am surprised that those of you who talk of God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit now find it absolutely ludicris that Cissy's story is real.

Real Life experience of the Holy Spirit comforting me.
I was about 20 something years younger and I was heavily into prostitution. I also was snorting crank at the time because a older woman I looked up to was, so I just did it for her. On easter passover I attended church with my family and we watched the story of Jesus' crucifixtion, rest and rise up alive on the 3rd day. I was overwhelmed by guilt and I felt horrible about what I was doing. I was bowing my head in prayer with eyes closed. I was crying so hard I thought I was gonna pass out. I suddenly felt a strong hand on my shoulder. I figured it was someone near me reaching out to me because they saw me crying so hard. I did not look right away at who was touching me. I finished praying, looked up and turned around to see who it was. No one was there. No one was even close to me in the surrounding seats. I felt the Holy Spirit touch me physically.

I know/understand what Cissy is saying. I also know that Whitney is resting in Peace.

Purple is not a color only for MJ and others in his surrounding world. The color purple is for everyone who believes in what it represents. The Dove is not exclusive to MJ/Whitney. The Dove represents the Holy Spirit to those who believe this.
This will be my 1 and only comment here in this thread.


Whitney Houston Dead at 48

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But wait...there's more weirdness.....Bobbi Kristina and Cissy are doing a reality show.
Bobbi Kristina Gets Reality Show! (DETAILS) | Global Grind

Hush money?
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“A certain little call boy from across the pond should be concerned. I ain’t even got to say no names on that.”

Raffles is on notice.   :thjajaja121:

I didn't think we had seen the last of him. 


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