Latoya Tweet About GREAT SEEING MICHAEL..........

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Latoya Tweet About GREAT SEEING MICHAEL..........

  • on: June 21, 2012, 11:52:32 PM
I noticed everyone has the tweet under their forum posts.....
I checked it and apparently it was sometime earlier today or late last
night she tweeted about it being a long day and it being great to see Michael......
Anyone know what she means??? Did she apparently visit his grave or something?????
Any info would be great.

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Hi - Someone else on Twitter mentioned that she did visit FL. However, she didn't tweet that right after leaving FL and it seemed kind of an odd wording as it makes one think of MJ (if she meant another Michael) and it gives the impression that she saw Michael (for which she could have) but if it was someone else she was playing with people's minds wording it like that.

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This tweet of Latoya's is being discussed on the thread dedicated to her.  :icon_e_smile:
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Even if she genuinely did go to FL this tweet is trying to get a raise from believers. It's out of form/context if MJ were dead. She knows what she is doing.
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Uh, like I go to the grave of my grandmother to say something like that...!? I find this a highly unsuitable choice of words as it really inflicts on the reader she has seen him in person and chatted with him. 
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LaToya's tweet is already discuused in her Twitter thread.


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