"I need sunscreen into 150 account".....help needed to debunk this code please

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Remember the taped conversations that were taped regarding Michael begging for help and money....Well, I've looked into that.  He quotes  "account 150" ............

The majority of U.S. foreign assistance is contained in the international affairs budget requested and allocated through the State, Foreign Operations, and Related Agencies appropriations bill. This is also referred to as Function 150 or the “150 account”, and contains spending on global economic, diplomatic and humanitarian programs by the State Department (DOS), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) among others. The U.S. Global Leadership Coalition provides thorough updates on the status of 150 Account budget, including a summary of individual program, or “account,” allocations.

So why would he need money paid into this paricular account which is not his personal account at all??  Then he goes on and asks for money to be paid into a Swiss account...

­Swiss bank accounts aren't just for millionaires, criminals or government officials trying to hide ill-gotten wealth, or celebrities protecting their assets from former spouses. They're available to anyone and lots of average people have Swiss bank accounts. People who live in countries with unstable governments and banks in particular often turn to Swiss banks because of their security and privacy.

But let's face it, most of us really just want to be able to say, "Oh, I'll wire the money from my Swiss bank account."
These are transcripts of those recordings.........

It is Michael calling. It is very important, I want that 150 in that account for me, because... I am very concerned about my life. I am hearing a lot of stories that (name withheld) is still trying to sabotage (inaudible) me and I want to be in a different environment and, um, I’ve found a place that I like and now (inaudible) I want to be away for a while where they can’t find me. So please help me, help (inaudible) help me, and, um, more important than (inaudible). We are brothers.”

We think the man's bad. We think he is the Italian Mafia. I don't trust him
In a second, his voice is slurred and slow, which Daphne believes is due to medication. He expresses concern about a figure who he says could be involved with the Italian Mafia.

“It is Michael. Ahh, it is 4:30 in the morning here that’s why I sound very sleepy (laughs) and I’m really worn out... but please check the message I left a day or so ago. I am very concerned. I don’t trust that man. We think he’s bad, we think he is Italian mafia. Please... we must be smarter than him. So please, help me with this. I need to get that, those funds so I can do that, I wanna be away. . . I don’t want to be in Neverland right now.”

In a separate message Jackson again seems to be seeking money urgently.

“If you get this message call me immediately at 805 *** ****. What I want to talk to you about is very top — top secret... I need a German or Swiss bank... ”

A little later Jackson calls again asking for cash to be put into an account. He appears to use a code word “Sun Screen” — possibly suggesting protection money.

I need to get those funds. I wanna be away... I don't wanna be in Neverland
“I am very embarrassed. But, um, there should be that I have some finance that’s coming up January, February 2nd, and um... that’s why I, we need to have on Sun Screen to the account 150. Please don’t be mad at me for... (inaudible) It’s something that’s very important to me and my family, because I’m (inaudible) that I’m being stalked and I think it is (name withheld).”

Only one tape — in which Jackson discusses investing in a project linked to the emerging craze for super-heroes — shows the singer at his most lucid. Jackson urges his friend to work with him, saying: “I would love to work together, but as far as timing... The, uh, I really feel in my heart — we must move as fast as we can because the, on the film side of it, ah, I don’t know if you have been reading the paper... but Marvel already have sold off their internet rights and the fact that stock is so low now.

“They put out Spider-Man, now they got Incredible Hulk coming, they got X-Men 2 coming and they also got Spider-Man 2 coming. It is going to jump, it’s going to change! I mean, you know... and this huge frenzy for superheroes... and all the things we can do... I wanna get in before the stocks... we have to jump in now. The timing is perfect.”

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  • Michael I am looking forward to your BAM!!
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So this tape was recorded long before his "death" because he moved to Carolwood in 2008 and he is saying: "I don't want to stay in Neverland right now" what I don't know is if he moved to Carowoold directly from Neverland or he stayed in another house before moving to Carolwood. Anyway I have never believed this recorded tape was true I think Michael is acting and it's specially staged for the hoax and the meaning of all this record could mean that he is asking for money to make humanitarian works, IDK I could be wrong of course, sorry Michael I don't like to hear you talking in those conditions so I hope it is fake.

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It is Michael calling. It is very important, I want that 150 in that account for me, because...

To me its more like he needs 150 (thousand?) i know further on he says sunscreen on 150 account but it does'nt make sense to me otherwise.

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hmm, I do not think he is saying sunscreen - I think it is funds free



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