Elvis by request 35th Anniversary album..fans get to choose the songs!!

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Australian Elvis Presley fans – TAKE NOTE!

Special compilation album to be released to mark 35th anniversary of Elvis’ passing.

Vote for your favourite Elvis track and be part of this historical album – ‘Elvis By Request’

August 16th 2012 marks the 35th anniversary since Elvis Presley passed
away. To mark this occasion, Sony Music Entertainment will release a
special album containing songs compiled by Australian fans.

Fans will be able to vote for their favourite Elvis songs at http://www.elvisbyrequest.com.au/.Voting is open until the 13th July.

All songs will be tallied and the top 40 songs will be released on an
album called ELVIS BY REQUEST.

This album is being compiled and released with the approval of the Elvis
Presley estate. Australia is the only country in the world to date to
be given permission to put this album together.

The album will be released on August 16th, 35 years to the day when he
died at his home, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Elvis By Request 35th Anniversary Album | FMV TV Inside Entertainment

Well well well.....are we Aussies priviledged...OMG.....Lets get voting..

So this year we have Michael Jacksons BAD 20th anniversary, and Elvis Presleys 35th Anniversary...What a coincidence....again  :icon_e_wink:

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Okay. This is strange. So this album is being put together here? Even stranger. Hey...I'm off to put in my request right now. Thanks for the info 2good.

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mon key's kee wee praliné for father's day (eyes) ?

We were given this already:
Did you know you can vote for a new album coming this summer?
Isn't Michael more than kind?

I Am An Elvis Fan | A Collection of Elvis Songs chosen by the Fans

Eliza Presley | "My Father's Eyes" (Video)
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Why Sony Launches Album Elvis by Request, only Australia rate? and fans around the world? Is there any connection between Australia and Elvis?
Thanks for the link 2good2btrue



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