To Some North Koreans Michael Jackson Is Still living

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The journey of two foreign journalists to Asia has revealed that some North Koreans are still unaware that Michael Jackson is dead.

The two journalists who travelled to North Korea as businessmen and wrote about all the interesting points of their journey for the Newspapers said Televisions in the hotel where the journalists stayed show only government propaganda and only few foreign movies, something indirectly indicating "Home Alone, Happy Days and Titanic" are allowed to be displayed in the country.

In another interesting issue the journalist/businessmen observed, there are some residences nicely built in North Korea in which nobody lives, which were built only to show the country is rich, according to the journalist.

FRANCIS TAWIAH (Duisburg - Germany)

I found this interesting personally I use to have an absurd theory that he could claim he had no idea that he apparently died because he was somewhere without the news and had indeed had a decoy living his life so he could relax for a while.

I know it's basically one of those far reached theories because it does not add up on so many levels that's why I removed it as a theory but reading this I was reminded of that thought. I see no reason why they brought up the whole houses built part, it doesn't seem relevent to the subject of michael jackson and the 2 journalists not knowing he had passed away.
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