Can we do something about this? Seriously disgusting

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I think racism against blacks is bubbling up in lots of places, and is alive and well, unfortunately.  I think it's partly jealousy for how well they're doing, taking the lead in so many areas.

Here's a major huge site on white supremacy.

Stormfront - White Nationalist Community

I was shocked to find out a week or so ago about a friend of my sons, getting super into sub death culture, goth, white supremacy and hatred for blacks. His family and mine home-schooled together.  :icon_pale:

Here's a post of mine about an incident in Canada that made the news, and sickened me.   Strategic Tabloid Slaughter of Michael Jackson

That Stormfront site is horrible  :( They post anti semitic and racist poetry. Right I'm not Jewish but what the heck is people's problems with Jewish people. Just because a couple of people make mistakes, doesn't mean the entire religion/race is to blame. Here is an example of the sick people's minds

Hitler knew just what to do
He wouldn't put up with the tricky Jew
When he got going, the lousy kike bitches
Weren't so eager to show off their riches

Hitler was smart and Hitler was right
He took on the kikes without even a fight
The Jews had to wear the yellow star
So the Germans knew just who they are

Surprise, surprise their also not huge MJ fans  :icon_neutral: They say things about him being in hell and other stuff I don't want to say.  :WTF: is their problems
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