Can we do something about this? Seriously disgusting

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I'm not sure why people are just aiming hatred & being angry at this web site. Our own government, has been hijacked by foreign banks, yes, foreign banks, & this is the agenda of the NWO. If they can continue to make it look like a race issue, then they have achieved their goals. C'mon people, this is what they want. Obama was groomed to be the most hated president of all time. He knew that, he's a puppet. He makes promises he has no intentions of keeping. That's his job, to make empty promises. While the globalists carry on behind the scences.

The globalists need to keep the "race card" going. This is an absolute MUST!
And if people aim their anger at this particular website, they've achieved what they sent out to do. Why are we bothered by this?
Because we know it's wrong, we have a conscience. We're not programmed to hurt one another like the globalist that just drip EVIL down thier necks.
Whatever country we live in, it's happening EVERYWHERE!
What they want to establish A GLOBAL GOVERNMENT! Which affects.......EVERYONE!!!
Please see thru the RACE CARD, they are trying to play.
Call their bluff!
The agenda attacks the "blacks & browns". The globalists HATE the "blacks & browns" because they according to the globalists, "are stupid & naive" are easily manipulated into that the government the "savior". It's absolute repulsive.

Now they are using the "white card". Any & all false flags (staged events) they are going to be using white people to carry out their agendas. So don't buy into it.
We as white people ARE NOT carrying out any false flags, unless the ones being operated by FBI & busted for setting those white people up.

The footage that Andrew Breitbart planned to release just hours after his untimely death would have proven hugely damaging to President Obama’s re-election hopes, because it shows Obama fraternizing with Weather Underground terrorists whose goal it was to set up a Communist dictatorship inside the United States.

President Barack Obama has continued the secret policy of destroying the sovereignty and wealth of the United States to the benefit of the private transnational interests who control the United Nations, the CIA, Wall Street, and the global banking system. Numerous American presidents, both Republican and Democrat, are on board with this treasonous political agenda.

Obama is not an “American” president; he is a United Nations president.

The criminal international banksters and secret societies behind the creation of the United Nations, and the Barack Obama icon, use fraud, usury, debt, terror, deception, propaganda, false flags, and war to get what they want out of countries. They treat all countries like third world colonies, including America. The people are plundered and destroyed, while the criminal elite are protected.

The election of Obama represents a massive constitutional crisis in America because he was born in Kenya, and is thus illegally holding the office of the presidency. He is the presidential equivalent of an illegal alien. It is hard to believe this is true because it is pretty wild. But no intellectually honest person can ignore the evidence and defend Obama’s claim that he was born in America. It is illogical to deny the facts and stick to illusions.

The significance of Obama’s true birthplace is monumental. The entire American experiment is being put into question. The U.S. Constitution has been thrown out. America is fully controlled by genocidal war criminals who teach young and impressionable soldiers that wiping out Islam and using nukes on Middle Eastern cities is a military solution to end the mythic “clash of civilizations,” between the West and Islam.

Obama, far from being a secret Muslim, is actually a secret CIA agentwho likes the idea of attacking Iran as much as any Neocon, Israeli, and fascist. Obama is not a peacemaker or a saint. Like the mad king of Israel, Obama is a mad psychopath who lies for a living. He worships the god of war because only war can unleash the forces of violent change and political transformation.

Obama and his masters are secretly working to cause the destruction of America, along with Israel, Iran, and other nations in the Middle East. Obama does not desire peace with Iran, but an epic and total warthat will culminate in the establishment of a world authoritarian state with U.S. military power to back it up.

In September 2009, Obama became, “the first-ever U.S. president to chair the United Nations’ 15-member Security Council,” (Source: NBC Chicago). That was only the beginning. Obama is probably being primed to be the first United Nations president, since he is obviously not a legitimate and legal American president.

The fraudulent elections of Bush and Obama signaled the destruction of America. Bush’s elections were fraudulent because they were stolen, and Obama’s election was fraudulent because he was born in Kenya, not America.

Both the American presidency and the Congress have been destroyed. These institutions are dead. The plan of the globalist fascists is to completely destroy America as an independent political unit with its own national constitution and destiny.

The 1913 Federal Reserve Act destroyed America’s financial independence, so the subversion and destruction of America from within has been a century-long effort by the Anglo-American oligarchy. Secrecy, totalitarian deception, and terrorism are their three main weapons. The treasonous American media has been their biggest ally in their silent war on the American Constitution and the American people.

Obama was a British subject at the time of his birth. I guess this is the British Empire’s way of getting back at the rebellious American people for defeating the British army in the 18th century and creating a free and independent government.

But Obama is more than a joke. Obama is like a political virus who is attacking the U.S. national nervous system and destabilizing the natural defenses of the body politic. Obama kills silently, in the night, when everybody is asleep and dreaming.

Since he came into office, Obama has done nothing to better the lives of the American people and improve the American nation. Even if he wanted to help the American people and make America better, he would be stopped by his masters because, he is compromised.

Obama is blackmailable from head to toe. The enemies of America, both foreign (Israel) and domestic (Wall Street banksters, criminal multinational corporations, political opponents), love the fact that Obama is in the White House.

The mythic fairytale about the Osama Bin Laden killing was intended to make the public believe that Obama is in charge and he is a great war leader. But Obama takes orders, he doesn’t give them. There would be no difference if a slave or a robot was in the White House instead of Obama. Obama is worse than a robot and a slave. He is a psychopathic liar and killer who loves death and destruction.

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After reading many posts on that Chimpout site, this site could've been started by the globalists of the NWO.

People are posting to SHOW that many stories are "covered up" & misinterpreted by mainstream media. We point that out here everyday.

I think the "nigger" word is what is being emphasized here, to get people pissed off.

There was many many posts that spoke the truth about how blacks are being exploited & murdered at alarming rates, & the truth is being suppressed. Yea........& that differs how? We know that.

I started a post maybe 2 monthes ago about how blacks are being murdered everyday by either vaccines, BIG PHARMA, etc.... Chimpout is another avenue also being are being informed that this enslavement is happening, & totally being ignored. I see this site is another avenue to bring out the truth about what's really happening in this world.

Sure there is some posts, that are just 'nigger haters' but many posts I read is something that should be brought out.

I don't look at it as being "nigger bashing", because I'm looking past all the ignorant comments that just want to "nigger hate". There is positive posts there.