Episode of Gossip Girl....Faked Death...Season 5, Episode 23 The Fugitives

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Scene:  Charles sees his father flatlining in the hospital after a bad car accident.  He walks out of the room.

Scene:  Charles is talking to his father who he discovered was really alive.

              Charles:  So the car accident was real?
              Father:  I was lucky to survive it...but it wasn't an accident.  I'd been threatened.
              Charles:  By who?
              Father:  A very powerful competitor of mine.  I had information on some transactions of his that could have put him
                             away for a very long time when his threats didn't work.
               Charles:  So you had someone ram your limo with truck...Dad...you could have gone to the police...you didn't have to....
               Father:   Yes I did...he'd made it quite clear that both you and Lilly were fair game.  Once I realized his threats
                              weren't empty, the only way out was to make him believe he'd already won.  Once I got to the hospital that
                              night, I thought that'd be my best chance.
               Charles:  So what....you just paid some doctor to switch off the machines...and hope that Lilly was crying so much she
                               notice you were actually still breathing?  What did we bury in that coffin???
                Father:  Charles...I'm here with you now trying to explain ....

Sound vaguely familiar????

 You can watch the full episode on Official Site of the CW Network | CW Television Shows | CW TV.    I thought it was an interesting parallel.