Evolution VFX Life Cast For Michael Jackson PICTURES

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Twins may have been seen before but I just saw this video with pics of the life cast made for the discovery documentary reinactment of his autopsy. The documentary wasn't aired but LOOK at the pics. I almost shit myself when I saw em!


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Hi youngmack...I beLIEver this has already been discussed.......keep up the great work and enthusiasm...Love to you

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That would explain one very, very important aspect that's been bugging me, though. I'd theorized he'd been photographed standing up. If he'd been cast standing up, same thing as what I'd noticed: muscled NOT RELAXING with lividity! This is something I've been definitely looking for, to break the Coroner's report over his head!

But I must, ahem, congratulate the woman's enthusiasm with the airbrush. I do think there was a second casting done off the the molds in SILICONE, like they do for Nip/Tuck, like I'd pointed out in my thread. That would look more realistic, and you can actually "perform surgery," on one of those.

But, still: for the photo shown for the courtroom, the photo was STILL Photochopped heavily. A Popeye Arm on the left, and the lower legs whittled down from the outside.

@Michael - Gotcha! They may not fool an angel - but I can see how a silicone one would definitely fool a policeman yanking hairs out. Better than you going, "OUCH! OUCHIES! Oh, did the anesthetic wear off, OOPS!"
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  • Michael I am looking forward to your BAM!!
@YoungMack...that picture with MJ's face and hair is a wax dummy  :icon_e_biggrin: 

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