Reason I believe O2 Michael was a double

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Re: Reason I believe O2 Michael was a double

  • on: June 29, 2012, 08:49:09 AM
Do you really believe Michael was drank during his O2 announcement? I think he just was acting weird to give more intrigue to what was to come with his death hoax!  :icon_mad:

drank? oh,noo! i think mikael would never attend a public apparition in such a condition! i'm (still) not able 2 understand whether the o2 guy is mikael or a double,but,if he was really him,i think he was playing/acting a part (of?). however,even if he was "playing" a part and was trying 2 make us understand that something was going 2 happen,i wonder:what (if a "what" really exists) could we understand from that weird behaviour? r there any hidden clues/messages/keys we can understand "reading" through the lines of mj's words? i mean:has mj's speech anything 2 do with the hoax it was going 2 happen? i've always thought that name "this is it" could be the key (or,at least,1 of the keys) 2 understand something important that is still escaping us...