Did any beLIEvers doubt after Murray was found guilty?

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First off, just my quick take on the hoax: I think Michael is trying to prove that it is possible to frame a black man and jail him for something he didn't do (i.e. administering lethal drugs to a superstar, molesting children, what have you), whilst involving the false testimony of children (parents coaching them to say certain things, whether it's Michael asking his kids to give out certain hints about the hoax or evil parents coaching their kids to make up some story of abuse).

yes, you are right, this should be one of the hoax keys/reasons!
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The Life of David Gale, is one of the best movies I have ever saw. It's fantastic. Yes, the movie was mentioned way early in the hoax. I know I brought it up, not sure if others did too.

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Murray is in the same jail as Janet's ex's brother? There were some news about it a few months ago...
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no doubt some believers lost hope after the trial. but you know it will remain in the back of their mind until something more is resolved. there just was not any real closure there imo no doubt a perry mason moment would have been great, but it wasn't in the cards (some would say script).there seems to be still so much left unfound about all of these events. i pray that he is indeed still with us and things will resolve or that if he is not that once and for all his memory will be cleared of wrong doing for the sake of his children. in the meantime i will keep watching  :icon_e_wink:
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