Forbes magazine enjoys court upheld right to lie: April Fools day article

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I remember Forbes printing celebrity gossip-style articles recently and us posing the query, why is Forbes carrying "news" like this? They are supposedly a "respected" business and finance publication. Anyway, it caught my eye. Here's the article:

Google News Fooled by April Fools' Day Prank
MashableBy Zoe Fox | Mashable – Sun, Apr 1, 2012

Who doesn't love a little April Fool's Day fun?

Apparently, not Google News. The algorithmic aggregator of the web's top breaking headlines confused a spoof story for a serious one on Sunday morning, slating it in the page-view-driving top spot.

Business magazine Forbes published a fictional dispatch from the Republican campaign trail, "Romney Drops Out of Race, Endorses Santorum."

The media company must have rethought its prank, once the story landed in Google News's coveted number one spot, and removed the story.

"In a surprise move, Mitt Romney announced today that he is ending his presidential campaign and throwing his support behind Rick Santorum. The move shocked observers, including Senator Santorum, as Governor Romney seemed poised for a decisive victory in Wisconsin.

    The governor, however, said he concluded that he has 'no chance' to win the general election in December and that a Santorum candidacy in 2012 would be in the 'best interest of the party.'"

You can read the full text of the removed story on Short Form Blog.

Forbes didn't beat buzz-blog Gawker, which captured a screenshot while the story was trending on Google News.

What do you think of news sites engaging in April Fools' Day pranks? Have any others caught your eyes today?
Are you entertained?

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Allow me to try and connect some dots here.  When the Immortal Tour came to Oakland, there was an unpublicized connection to Google.  Nowhere at the show or in the brochure was there mention of Google or were they acknowledged for their contribution.  HOWEVER, Google paid for a private showing at a cost of in excess of a million dollars AND they paid for the entire Hyatt in San Francisco during their tour.  Why?????  It is customary to acknowledge sponsors of art events and yet there was no mention of this.  (I only found out through 'accident.')  Is Google connected to Michael somehow?  Why would Google choose the MJ Immortal Tour to entertain their employees?

Just yesterday, someone mentioned they noticed that Michael Jackson's name came up often when they were searching for unrelated information.  AND I learned yesterday that one can pay to be positioned up front in searches on Google.  There is no evidence of a 'crime,' but certainly the opportunity is there.

As to the Forbes connection,  Ben Fulford who lives now in Japan and writes and speaks about a world wide conspiracy of good guys about to defeat the Illuminati, used to work for Forbes as their Asian correspondent.  What does this have to do with Michael?  Some of us believe that Michael might be a part of such a good guy sting operation to reveal corruption at the highest levels.  A few months back, Fulford was being interviewed and talked about such a benevolent conspiracy.  He mentioned Michael as one of the people who had been involved in such an effort.  The interviewer nearly gasped, jumped on Fulford and immediately changed the conversation.  I had the clear impression that the mere mention of Michael Jackson was a 'no no.'  Why?  At that point he was 'dead.' 

It's ludicrous to imagine that Forbes would publish such inane and speculative celebrity gossip.  Did Fulford use either his influence or insider information to cause Forbes to play a role?

We saw before how Michael may have used TMZ to publicize his agenda.  Did/does Michael have other outlets with which to convey his voice and views?  If so, who might they be?


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