TOM SNEDDON - He should be behind bars instead of living like a king

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Earlier I was getting happy to hear that Sneddon had lost his ability to practice.  And then I saw this…  /pull hair/

County Releases Pension Data
152 Former Employees Receive More Than $100,000 Per Year

Friday, August 19, 2011

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The average pensioner getting money from the Santa Barbara County Employee Retirement System (SBCERS) receives $2,881.85 a month, or $34,582.21 a year, according to data provided by SBCERS last week.

Of the 2,904 people who receive a pension through SBCERS, 152 get more than $100,000 per year and 25 people — including ten who worked in the Sheriff’s Department — receive more than $150,000. Of the top 25, eight served as the heads of their respective departments at one time or another. Six retired prosecutors from the DA’s office are also in the top 25. The highest name on the list is longtime District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who rakes in a whopping $224,672.64 every year.

The information was made available after a public records request from multiple newspapers. Recent court decisions require retirement systems to identify members receiving retirement allowances.

On the other end of the spectrum, 167 people receive less than $500 a month. There are 28 people who receive less than $100 a month.

Former County CEO Mike Brown collects $10,151.48 a month, or $121,817.76 annually. Attached at the bottom is a PDF of all SBCERS retirees, their monthly benefit, and their last employer.

Here are the top 15 names on the list:

1. Tom Sneddon, $224,672.64

2. Ken Shemwell, $206,803

3. Jim Anderson, $206,448.12

4. Jim Thomas, $190,045.32

5. Norman Horsley, $189,666.24

6. Patrick McKinley, $189,497.76

7. Kenneth Pettit, $186,071.52

8. Thomas Martinez, $185,062.32

9. Jim Laponis, $184,982.88

10. R. Scott DeuPree, $183,598.32

11. Tom Franklin, $178,773

12. Joseph Smith, $171,805.80

13. Malvin Parr, $167,856

14. Frederick Olguin, $167,335.44

15. Russell Birchim, $164,575.08
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I think I remember reading this before.  Dirty deeds done dirt steep.

I notice there are no women on that list.

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County employees who earn alot of money (such as a DA) in a very wealthy county (like Santa Barbara), AND have been with a county for most of a career (as Sneddon did), AND are associated with law enformcement units (such as the DA office) will tend, in ANY county to be near the top of the list in retirement benefit in the county. There are formulas which are followed.

Ok, having said that, I am still hoping to see a public servant who wastes so many local tax dollars go down.   If he doesn't go down in this life...........well, I believe in Karma.

Still simmering for criminal charges to be brought to many players..........

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Father of nine children -  OMG!,_Jr.
At least he's one knight removed off the board, with ulterior motives.
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I think I remember reading this before.  Dirty deeds done dirt steep.

I notice there are no women on that list.
I've read this before also.  I wonder if there are any non-whites in this list. :(

On this 'happy' topic I thought we could make merry with a few old fashioned curses for Tom Sneddon.  Since MJ liked Ireland here's a couple of good Irish ones  I picked from from  Most of them have to do with hell, but I'd rather he feel something in this life. ;)

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 He is a cold man!

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On August 14, 2012, Mr. William Wagener will present to the County Supervisors of Santa Barbara an affidavit of criminal conduct committed by Mr. Thomas Sneddon during the 2005 trial of Mr. Michael Jackson. We support the effort to have a full investigation into the matter carried out by an independent special prosecutor; someone outside of Santa Barbara County.

It's not to late to sign the petition  at :

Thémis   :abouttime:


On August 14, 2012, Mr. William Wagener will present to the County Supervisors of Santa Barbara an affidavit of criminal conduct committed by Mr. Thomas Sneddon during the 2005 trial of Mr. Michael Jackson. We support the effort to have a full investigation into the matter carried out by an independent special prosecutor; someone outside of Santa Barbara County.

Thémis   :abouttime:

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William J. Wagener

I hereby state, under penalty of Perjury, that it is my opinion, that I carefully observed in the actual courtroom significant fabricated false evidence that Prosecutors fabricated false evidence against an innocent man, and the most famous resident of Santa Barbara County, Michael Joseph Jackson. I have attended Law School, and over 400 court cases & Hearings. I also attended every day of Michael Joseph Jackson 2005 public Trial, except for 3 days of testimony & Verdict day June 13,2005. I said, in the Jury Pool, in 2005 during a break, shouldn’t Thomas Sneddon be indicted for faking fingerprint evidence. It is my firm opinion, prosecutors, Thomas Sneddon , Ron Zonen, Gordon Auchincloss, & Mag Nicola individually or in combination did with Malicious Malice of forethought, contrive, and fabricate false Fingerprint evidence on a Barely Legal Magazine that did not exist until more than 5 months after Gavin Arvizo admitted he was last at Neverland.

Prosecutor then encouraged Gavin Arvizo to testify against Michael Joseph Jackson and to state on the record, that Michael Jackson gave him that specific magazine, which is impossible because it had not been printed until many months later.

And that Thomas Sneddon, gave that specific magazine to Gavin Arvizo at the secret Grand Jury indictment hearing without any gloves on and afterward sent it out for Fingerprint Analysis, and if not for the court reporter capturing the comment of a grand juror about the lack of gloves on Gavin Arvizo at the Grand Jury, it might have lead to a conviction on fabricated evidence. Further, that a Prosecutor of more than 25 years experience does not make this mistake by accident. It is my firm opinion, that a objective jury trying Tom Sneddon for this felony, would find Tom Sneddon guilty as charged.

Furthermore this was and continues to be FRAUD ON THE COURT, because the Prosecutors have pretended that nothing felonious was done by them, and no one from the pool of the Santa Barbara County District Attorneys office, will indict one of their own. What a surprise.

Second, Mag Nicala fabricated false evidence on dates of phone calls to make it appear that Michael may have made phone calls, but their own Prosecutor’s witness took the witness stand and stated that the Prosecutors had it all wrong, as seen on the over head projection, after it had been admitted as evidence. Prosecutors tried to remove it from Jury consideration, and Defense objected, and the Jury saw the blatant lie for what it was, just another of a long list of fabricated false evidence. It is my firm opinion that if and when Mr. Nicola is indicted by a jury of 12, they would find Mag Nicola guilty of felony fabrication of false phone contact evidence and FRAUD ON THE COURT.

Thirdly, It is my considered and firm opinion that the cooperation between the prosecutors to present fabricated evidence, to the court, and to the jury is FELONY Conspiracy, by The Prosecutors against a man the Jury found completely NOT GUILTY of all 10 original Charges plus that last minute 4 misdemeanors. This Conspiracy and the silence of a corrupt Santa Barbara District Attorneys office for 7 years and continuing is an On going felony and stops the Statute of Limitations from running, in my opinion. One can not escape Justice by continuing the fraud on the court, on the public.

Lastly, there appears to be many other felonies committed in the 2005 trial, that a good and honest prosecutor could find. But I am limiting this affidavit to these three, and it is Your duty under your oath of office to see that these four do not escape true justice. It is valuable to the community to know that justice is applied equally and that none are above the law, not even prosecutors, who commit willfully and maliciously FRAUD UPON THE COURT, and felonious Fabrication of Evidence against a man, who even the F.B.I. found faultless. In my opinion, and can never be, a statute of limitation for FRAUD ON THE COURT, and wilful Fabrication of Felonies in due process of rightful law, While the evidence is on the Court record, which it certainly is, and is NOT in dispute.

As a long time resident of this City and this County, I demand that this Board of Directors of Santa Barbara County, appoint a Special Prosecutor to review this Affidavit of my opinion, and the court record of 2005 trial of Michael Joseph Jackson, that Criminal Conduct of fabrication of Evidence of fingerprints and phone call conspiracy and the conspiracy by two or more of the four prosecutors to commit such crimes against a man the Jury found completely innocent member of the County, Michael Joseph Jackson.

I suggest this board ask Atty. Susan YU to recommend an unbiased special prosecutor. I am convinced that if indicted, the 2005 Court record will be sufficient to support a conviction of Thomas Sneddon, now retired, and some or all of his three assistants who daily blodgened Michael Jackson with lies. Katherine Jackson and many others who sat through this trial of fabricated falsehoods, also suffered, and at the very least, there should be an Official apology to the Jackson family for the fabrication of false evidence and willful malicious prosecution executed by the four prosecutors with malice afore thought.

There Can be NO IMMUNITY for prosecutors who willfully, and maliciously fabricate false evidence against a man even the FBI found no fault with. To do so, is to claim a Honor and /or Title of Nobility, making some citizens in Government service above the citizens they supposedly server, and is prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.

Delivered this day, 14 of August, 2012, in person to the Board of Directors of Santa Barbara County, California, and public meeting in Santa Maria, California, and now that the FRAUD is made known, the Statute of Limitations does start to run, and if this board of Directors fails to appoint a special Prosecutor to conduct a thorough and fair examination of the 2005 Court Record of Michael Joseph Jackson, then this board will be In effect an accessory AFTER the Fact, because Today, you have this statement as evidence a criminal act by Santa Barbara County elected and employed officials was
Exposed and made known to you.

I, William J. Wagener, am over the age of 60 years and mentally competent and do state that the above statement is my firm opinion of criminal acts:

Committed by members of the Santa Barbara County District Attorneys Office, Mssr. Sneddon, Zonen, Mag Nicola & Auchincloss. And I state under penalty of Perjury that this is my firm opinion, and that in my opinion based a true law, natural law, common law, and Gods Law, that there is NO immunity for prosecutors who willfully, maliciously, fabricate false evidence, nor can the Statute of Limitations begin to run until the FRAUD on the COURT is exposed, which I am doing this day, by giving you this affidavit that the above named prosecutors did at least these three felonies in combination and illegal criminal cooperation with one another.

Therefore you have a duty, now that you have this statement to appoint a special prosecutor and get on with the indictment and any others that helped them fabricate false evidence to maliciously and with willful malice aforethought bring false charges against this innocent man; Michael Joseph Jackson, formerly the owner and resident of Neverland in this County of Santa Barbara, in Republic of California.

William J. Wagener · Reply
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I appreciate what Mr. Wagoner is doing but I think it's a bit too late for that.   

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Its people like Tom Sneddon that are runing the human race!!!!!!!!
That man I dont care if he was the fukkin president shoulld ROTT IN PRISON
for the rest of his sad, miserable, pathetic life!!

I signed the petition!! This goes to show you that government and judicial
powers can do anything they want and THAT IS NOT RIGHT!!

Ill pray for vindication and MJ deserves it!!!

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I've talked to william on youtube before, he wanted all the fans to give money for the documentary that he wants to make about this sneddon person.......hopefully he'll be able to make it.......its no surprise to me that sneddon would have alot of money, but think about this way, he'll have to pay a hella alot of taxes!!!! I'm sure he sleeps pretty well at night, without a guilty conscience bc ppl like that just dont care........

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I appreciate what Mr. Wagoner is doing but I think it's a bit too late for that.

I think it's late, but never too late.
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Throughout history, the innocent suffer and the guilty seem to be rewarded.  Age-old dilemma for philosophers, and Biblical writers.
For believers in God, wrongs will eventually be righted--perhaps not our time-table.

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I appreciate what Mr. Wagoner is doing but I think it's a bit too late for that.

indeed. lots of these late supporters are way too late.
but, remember that everything that you do to others, will come back to u , sooner or later.


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