TIAI March 6

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Re: TIAI March 6

  • on: May 27, 2012, 02:21:10 AM
But Jermaine and Latoya said that "hoaxers" say that MJ is alive because is our way to cop with Michael´s death.

Listening to them and reading TS´s post above, one can think that Michael passed and that we, with our curiosity to know what the heck happened and investigative skills, can help them out to get to the point that the Jackson family has been and still is threatened by powers.
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Re: TIAI March 6

  • on: May 27, 2012, 03:23:12 AM



It is what you pick that makes your perception and reality.
The family offer both sides - hoaxer and non-hoaxer.
This makes it tricky. But it's not anything different from real life where you have a multiple choice every second.
Dependent on your choice how you want to see the world your life will unfold.
See, we believe in life and cheer and are having a party.
Others believe in death and are celebrating a funeral forever.
Who's better off?

The one who has questioned and worked himself into answers.

MJ Soldiers Of Love -The Truth Has A Sound - YouTube
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