Frank Cascio @fdcascio tweets about meeting on 9/11

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Frank Cascio recently tweeted about the meeting at The World Trade Centre on 9/11 that Michael had supposedly missed because he overslept.

Who to believe?!!/fdcascio



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How old was Frank that time?

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Thank you for sharing this with us.

According to Frank's book he was with Michael in New York at the time. He wrote about him being late to his own show because he was drugged up. So, I wonder if the appointment that Frank had was on official Michael business? After all, he did work for him.

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yes, voice,
my recollection from Frank's book  was that he was given jewelry to use in the show ( and a necklace to let Elizabeth Taylor use so she would come to the show--only apparently she thought it a gift and was perterbed to eventually be asked for it back :icon_redface:)and the appointment on 9/11 was one to return the jewlery that had been loaned.


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