FAME...and the Illusion

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Re: FAME...and the Illusion

  • on: February 19, 2012, 04:51:31 PM
@1:13:13 when he mentioned the media's lack of morals, I couldn't help thinking, "everything I have watched up until now is a result of declining morality". That poor kid.

I do not envy toddlers growing up today; if they are anything like me they will be raised by the TV, the public school system, and long hours of mindless gaming. It wasn't until around last year when I started researching Laveyism that I realized my personal set of ethics—in my childhood—were Satanist ideals, down to a "t" (example: the impoverished people of the world should be left to die, death to the weak, more resources for the rest—really hateful ideals). How I came to have these ideals I do not know because between school and gaming I didn't have much time for anything else and I didn't really socialize outside of school, not even with my own parents. The way I heard my family interact with each other didn't help either; it wasn't violent, but it wasn't loving either. I was encouraged to lie every time I did socialize, about the stupidest things too. Probably why I became so cynical: I couldn't even trust my own family.

My friends and I were in conversation one day and, even though their family dynamics are drastically different from mine, we all agreed that we felt more allegiance to the school than to our own families. That's scary.

edit: just in case I didn't make my point clear enough (lol), the media was what kept us occupied and away from our families (for one friend it was following celebrity life, for me gaming, and for another she's a TV-show junkie) and the only real socializing we did was at school.  For me, the media was like a refuge, for them it was just a distraction, but it had the same effect.
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