Whitney Houston drugs identified; things you don't mix with alcohol!

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Thus far, the drugs in Whitney Houston's bathroom and/or room are identified as: Ibuprophen; Xanax; Lorazepam, and Valium! These are drugs you do NOT mix with alcohol, under any circumstance at all!  :'( Nor should you take a bath with them. There's a high potential level for abuse, with a recovering addict... OMG! :'(

I really, really feel that the media rags are guilty of BULLYING people! Who can take B.S. day in, day out!? It hurts. I saw an interview, where a woman in the gift shop on Friday said Whitney saw the Examiner or something, claiming she collapsed on Thursday, and she got all hurt, and in tears saying it wasn't true.

BULLYING is what's been going on, and it hurts! It isn't just in High School - artists are human beings, and don't tend to have a thick skin, year after year!

Just really feel that the dirt rags need to be held accountable.

Whitney, this is for you -  bearhug 98% of everyone remembers you for your TALENT first and foremost!

Dr. Drew really said it so well - he really humanized her. He's so upset that so many of the Rock stars did illicit drugs, and are still here. But with Addiction to prescription drugs prescribed by doctors, it's KILLING HIS PATIENTS!

Go-go, Dr. Drew - I didn't understand you at first, but now I do. Whitney was a wonderful talent, but her multiple type of addiction, meant she could not have ANY of these drugs, not one pill, not ONE DRINK of alcohol!


Partying and drinking ONE glass of Champagne is falling off the wagon for poor Whitney, the human being. I wish I could've held my sister, Whitney - and stopped her from any of that stuff over the weekend.

Unfortunately, in this world where Champagne's acceptable - I don't drink. at all...perhaps once in a blue moon.

The very, very real reason I don't drink? Alcoholics are on both sides of the family, as is Addiction. I felt the best way for me to not go down that road, was to simply drink no alcohol.

This hurts so much for me to say...so very, very much. I had lost so many friends within the first 5 years of graduating High School, of addiction related deaths. All I had to do, was look around me. A month after graduation, I buried my best friend...she and her boyfriend were arguing, drunk, and the car veered off a bridge...she drowned, he couldn't get her seatbelt off!  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

This terrifies me, because I've seen it. My mother addicted to "mother's little helpers," and everyone drinking like there's no tomorrow.
Watched my favorite uncle drink himself almost to death in front of me...until one day, grandmama tried to wake him, and he was dead! :'(

I know this beast, up close and personal...

The day Whitney Houston died - 1,000 other good people died in America alone, just like she did, of Addiction. Addiction is A MEDICAL CONDITION, just like Heart Disease! Oftentimes, they go together, as you get older.
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I don't understand why people take those drugs like they don't know the side effects. That's stupid.
Are they not informed or stupid or what???

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I don't understand why people take those drugs like they don't know the side effects. That's stupid.
Are they not informed or stupid or what???

Doctor gives it to you, thinking they're helping you for anxiety...but if you're an Addict, they're actually inadvertently fueling that. It's like trying to scratch an itch, that can never be scratched.

You can't blame the doctors, because "DO NOT TAKE ALCOHOL" is clearly, clearly on the label. It's on my drugs, along with all the side affects.

Ergo, the dummy is: THE PERSON TAKING THEM. They are informed; the Pharmacist TELLS THEM.

They take the drugs to GET HIGH, when you're an addict...if it doesn't get the required high, you then mix it with alcohol. A friend of mine with Fibro did that, along with her painkillers...I was mortified. She did it desperately, to sleep. I have no idea what happened to her... :P
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Let's all wait for toxicology?

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The fact that those drugs were found in her room, doesn't mean she took them all, or even one of them. The toxicology report is not back yet, so no one knows if she took any or all of these drugs.

The alcohol found in her room was 1 beer and 1 glass of champagne. First of all we don't even know if SHE drank it, or someone else that was in her room earlier on. Even IF she drank both (weird combination IMO, but that aside), I doubt that would kill her. I never took xanax or Lorazepam, so I can't say about the effects of those drugs, but I did mix valium with alcohol once and also ibuprophen with alcohol multiple times (and believe me, that was more than a can of Heineken and a glass of champagne), and I am still here. not saying it's good for you, but I doubt that would kill a woman who has been on the worst sorts of drugs in the past, mixing all kinds of stuff, weighing less than a big kid and lived for years like that without dying. I could understand it if she would fall asleep with that and drown, but they already said she didn't drown.

I am curious about the AR and tox report. The media is again pretty quick with ASSuming about 'AA Whitney', without knowing the details. Just like with 'druggie' Michael. When I look at the interviews she did for her new movie, the woman looks AWESOME and back on track. I just think something is way off. If this is not a hoax, I hope the police will try to figure out what the fuck happened with her. What are the odds that both Whitney and her daughter have to get dragged out of a bathtub two days in a row?

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Beer and Champagne, I thought too was a strange combination which made me immediately think that someone else was there. 
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Beer and Champagne, I thought too was a strange combination which made me immediately think that someone else was there.

That's most likely left over from eating with her daughter, the night before.

Toxicology is the only answer at this juncture. The rest is only conjecture. I would like to see Dr. Drew wrong, but he isn't on the technicalities of someone who's addicted to multiple substances, cannot even have champagne with friends. It is "Zero Tolerance," and that's my point, because she was seen drinking Thurs., Fri., then Sat. morning.

The Coroner DID say, that these substances aren't enough to kill - IF taken as prescribed.

But her taking alcohol, meant she'd already fallen off the wagon - we just sadly don't know how far.

Was it the heat of the water, or all of the above?

Toxicology will tell - but I've yet to see Dr. Drew draw an incorrect conclusion (and I've tried).
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I think the star system, the star world is stressful and fearful   :? and makes to use things that help in difficult times.... :roll: :?
but I also believe that, as always, the media does not tell the truth and exaggerate with their stories  crash/  bangbang  :|

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Xanax and AlcoholIt is generally recommended that you avoid drinking alcohol during treatment with Xanax. Alcohol can not only increase your risk of certain Xanax side effects, but it may also worsen mental illness in people with anxiety or panic disorder. Since Xanax and alcohol are both CNS depressants, they can both slow the activity of the brain, which increases your risk of serious reactions.

Can I Combine Xanax and Alcohol?
Both Xanax ® ( alprazolam ) and alcohol are central nervous system depressants (CNS depressants also known as), both native Which means They can slow the activity of the brain. Drinking alcohol while you are taking Xanax may increase your risk of serious reactions. It is not recommended that you drink alcohol while on Xanax. Additionally, many people with mental illness are recommended to Avoid alcohol.
You may also be more sensitive to the effects of alcohol if you are taking Xanax. You may not be able to safely drink as much alcohol as you are used to drinking in the past.
Xanax and Alcohol Side Effects
Drinking alcohol while taking Xanax may increase your risk of certain Xanax side effects, such as:

•Problems with coordination
•Unusual behavior
•Memory problems.
It may also slow both the heart rate and breathing, which can cause you to pass out or have difficulty breathing -- and may even lead to death.
Xanax is approved to treat anxiety and panic disorder. Generally, it is best for people with mental illnesses (such as anxiety) to avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol may worsen mental illness and is often a form of "self-medication." Additionally, people with an alcohol abuse problem may be more likely to abuse Xanax.

Talking With Your Healthcare Provider About Xanax and Alcohol
Although it is not recommended that you drink alcohol while taking Xanax, you should not be afraid to discuss your alcohol consumption with your healthcare provider. Together, you and your healthcare provider can make a shared decision about Xanax and alcohol for your particular situation. If you do drink, your healthcare provider can also suggest ways to help you stop drinking.


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I think it would be funny if her tox screen came back clean, considering how the media has already made up it's mind about her.  We DO NOT know anything yet.  Tox screens have yet to come back.   Just because she had Xanax with her, doesn't mean she was actively taking it.  What bothers me is that they've been so quick to rule out foul play. 

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Tink....thanks for sharing your story with us..  I can relate to you very well.

I am a recovered alcoholic, and pain medication addict....I still need a crutch, and take just 1 valium 5mg at night to take the edge off any anxiety I may feel.  The Dr's were cautious when I asked for Valium as I was honest about  my previous addictions. 

I haven't had a drink for 10 years now....and I have made it to my 47th birthday recently...
I too have tried to take Valium and Alcohol, and all I can remember is my friends account of my behaviour the next day....

I too agree that addiction is a three-fold disease.  SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL AND EMOTIONAL.  You cannot tackle one issue without addressing all three.

I attended many yrs at AA, and have spent 6mths in a rehabilitation clinic. I also took my own life on 50 sleepers and 2 litres of wine.....but somehow, my X boyfriend found me, called an ambulance, and I was ressucitated after my heart stopped.

My life is difficult at times, but I remain abstinant, and alcohol free, and that is a blessing....one day at a time.

The pain meds I was taking contained codeine and muscle relaxants and were purchased over the counter....the trick was to chemist-crawl and purchase alot of them and take alot of them at one time.......8 three times a day!!!! 
Scary shit...I'm so surprised my liver has survived, but I know I have a reason to be here now, and one of those is to help others.....and stay away from dysfunctional relationships.. /overreacting/ /overreacting/ /pull hair/ /pull hair/ :)

If anyone else has had similar problems and needs to talk...you can PM me anytime.  God bless you all bearhug bearhug

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Just because TMZ has "learned" does not mean what they present is true.
I do not believe one word. However I do believe that Whitney was hounded and hurt without any respect beyond her passing.

It is interesting that this time the emphasis is on "pain killers" and "anti-anxiety" drugs when we had "anti-insomnia" before.

Could we apply the Michael-approach again?
TMZ being the igniting spoon-feeder again.
This time: "fears" and "pains" dazed out by drugs.
"Propofol" representing a cane to continue "as if" - how about those drugs mentioned for Whitney?

I strongly believe that there is a pattern to address all our canes for our "as if" lives and to mirror exactly that back.

There is no need to go finger pointing after celebs in Hollyweird - not for tabloids and not for anybody.
There's however a huge need to go mirroring in our own bathroom.

The good news is: we don't need them canes if we rely on truth, love, faith and the positive powers in our lives.There is no need to fear or worry or go sleepless.

If God is on our side - what do we fear?

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Pain killers and alcohol is not a good combination. It can damage your liver, kidney and even brain.
One can feel mystic experiences when mixing it. Who knows if that´s the reason why W.H said to friends (according to TMZ) that "she was going to meet Jesus" and talked about John the Baptist in whatever Bible chapter.
("Minkin güerveeeee")
Michael pls come back

"Why a four-year-old child could understand this hoax. Run out and find me a four-year-old child. I can't make head nor tail out of it"


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