Donny Osmond enchants fans with tales of Michael Jackson

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Donny Osmond enchants fans with tales of Michael Jackson
February 9, 2012

Donny Osmond appeared on The Dr. Phil Show yesterday and he enchanted fans with tales and stories about his good pal, Michael Jackson. The talented singer has been a star for almost five decades and he talked openly about his childhood, career, triumphs, and struggles. The candid interview was an intimate look at Donny Osmond and how he has survived unimaginable highs and crushing lows throughout a long lived career.
During an interesting chat with Dr. Phil, Donny Osmond explained that he and Michael Jackson met and became friends when they were both 13 years old. After presenting an American Music Award together, the two decided that they were hungry, so they piled into Donny’s limo and ordered tacos from a nearby Jack in the Box. The two opened the moon roof, stood up and enjoyed their tacos while cruising the Sunset Strip. “That’s one of my best memories of Michael. We both laughed our heads off,” Donny told Dr. Phil.


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Those are very interesting videos....especially the first one. When he talks about, "Soldier of Love"......then needing to change your name to Donny.....I was  :shock:
Really great applehead...thank you!

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I mentioned this interview yesterday in the Jermaine thread.  What stood out to me was the fact that it is obviously relatively normal practice for producers, etc. to have artists agree to allow the media to make false reports about their drug usage and doing stints in rehab just to put them in the limelight to grab attention.  Makes one wonder...
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Michael also put himself in the spotlight on his own, just to gain attention. He did that with the hybaric chamber. Michael is the one who alerted the tabloids to take pics of him laying it. But it backfired on him when it became negative for his image. I read at least 5 books of Michael Jackson, even the one he helped write, & all of them mention the chamber that he put that out in the tabloids himself. Michael was a DIVA, as much as we all love him, he created his own drama, that also claims to have caused him the pain of being followed everywhere. I mean, c'mon if you don't want to noticed as "Michael Jackson" then you probably shouldn't walk around with a cane, a surgical mask, covered head to toe, looking like a woman, but wearing black pants & white socks under the dress, which is too short for his height. So yes, Michael loved the drama, as much as he hated it. If he wasn't in the spotlight, he did create something to put him there. I can't put Michael as the "victimn" all the time.


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