Michael Jackson Biopic Possibly In The Works Due To Brett Ratner

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Michael Jackson Biopic Possibly In The Works Due To Brett Ratner

Here's something U might not know…

Director Brett Ratner was a good friend to the late King of Pop.

And now, because he wants to show "the real" Michael Jackson, a biopic may be in the works.

He's getting help from Frank Cascio, one of Jackson's oldest friends and manager.

Ratner said:

"[Jackson] was the most inspirational person in my life. When you were with him, you really felt like God was within him."
(I agree Brett  /bravo/ )

Both Ratner and Cascio helped Michael to respond to journalist Martin Bashir's in-depth interview that painted Jackson in a less than perfect light by making the rebuttal film Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies.

Hopefully they can collaborate on a biopic and we can get the full story on the REAL Michael Jackson. ( :shock: maybe the man we never knew?  :shock:  ;) )


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Thank you applehead,, that news is very interesting, hopefully more people from general public will see that movie and start to think about Michael in new, much more positive way! :)
"Please do not forget who the driver is! ...:)

MJ will get us home safely! :)

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Thank you for the beautiful poem/writing Dante Jackson.  You have been sending wonderful things to us.

"And when that flag blows
There'll be no more wars
And when all calls
I will answer all your prayers"

Chorus from the song "Cry",  Invincible Album


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