Michael Jackson Star Maps Banished from Death Site

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Michael Jackson Star Maps Banished from Death Site

  • on: February 03, 2012, 01:38:24 AM
Michael Jackson Star Maps Banished from Death Site
2/2/2012 3:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who has made a bundle selling star maps near the home where Michael Jackson died has been ordered to move her operation -- folding chair and all.

Linda Welton had a booming business after MJ died, servicing a steady stream of tourists who created a perilous line on Sunset Blvd. to buy maps from her. 

Welton set up shop just feet from the house where MJ passed, and the owners of the estate sued her ... claiming they couldn't sell the property because Welton had created such a nuisance and safety hazard. 

A judge has now ruled Welton must move her business ... but all is not lost.  The judge said Welton could sell her maps down the block, but the problem is that the new location is not visible from Sunset Blvd. .... which is how she gets much of her business.

The ruling doesn't solve all of the property owner's problems, because convoys of tour buses descend on the estate daily.

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When was that exactly? I have not seen any woman sitting on SunSet next to Carolwood selling maps. Actually SunSet blvd. has pretty heavy traffic and no spot for people to sit along the road with the table and signs to sell anything because no one will notice and stop to buy something. So, landlord go and FYSLF.

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Sunset IS heavy. Who does not wish to see Linda on purpose will float by.
Tourists however will never stop to plan and go to VIP sites anyway.

But how come the owners of the house want to get rid of the real estate (so fast?)?
Original article posted on 9/11?

Sounds again like a false accusation and does remind us of ...
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With a couple of other current threads in mind, all I read from this is she's being asked TO MOVE ON.....!!

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The market is bad for housing - but it's time she moves along. I'm sure the entire neighborhood thought she was simply a temporary inconvenience, and has now outworn her welcome.
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When I've read "Death Site" I thought of an internet site first lol!

Apart from this, I don't know why the subject of this article is important for TMZ. Looks to me like something I wouldn't pay attention to.
Maybe we have to dig again about Linda or what?
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ohh that kind of death site /bravo/ i bet everyone thought same lolol/
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LOL - Michael Jackson banished from (Hoax) Death (Web) Site - replaced by God!

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With a couple of other current threads in mind, all I read from this is she's being asked TO MOVE ON.....!!
+1 ;)

LOL - Michael Jackson banished from (Hoax) Death (Web) Site - replaced by God!
:lol: :lol:
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To all the above:
You guys are awesome!
I'd like to add my 2 cents....if that, lol.

I have always been fascinated with the headlines of these stories...especially TMZ stories. 
The capital letters always stand out to me.   In this case we have M J S M B D S
I see it as a possible MJ's ( then something with M B D S)
or a word sounding like
embedious (sounds only like m b d s) 
maybe the word:
I am sure I am confusing people...I apologize....it's hard to explain. I am going by the pure sound of the letters in english.



One other thing I see in the letters in
MJ's MBD site

MBD has some interesting meanings.  It's mostly an acronym for things:
So it's MJ's ........ Site



Being that there are no vowels, it can't be a word scrambled. 
OK....2 cents done : )

Blessings to all.....


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