Furniture store in Roanoke, VA wins Michael’s Armoir at auction

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 suspicious// seems a little odd that a furniture store that sells furnishings would pay all that money at auction to publicly display these pieces and then invite people to come by to get a peek at it.  Guess the owner is simply a real MJ fan.   /white flag/

Reporter: David Tate

Roanoke, VA - A furniture store in Roanoke now has a piece of Hollywood history in its inventory.

Tuesday morning, a piece of furniture from Michael Jackson's home was delivered to Grand Home Furnishings.

The piece is a huge armoire and on the mirror is a hand-written message from Jackson. It says "Train, perfection, March, April, full out May."

That's apparently a motivational reminder as Jackson prepared for his London tour.

"It's Michael Jackson's piece that was in his private bedroom and he wrote his inspirational message on it to inspire him for his upcoming concert. We wanted... a piece of furniture as well as an iconic piece of him," said Robert G. Bennett from Grand Home Furnishings.

Grand Furnishings says the armoire will be available for the public to look at on Saturday starting at 10:15 a.m.

In addition to the armoire, the store has acquired a seating piece from Jackson's in-home projection room, which will also be displayed at its Valley View store.

Julien's Auctions conducted the auction of the contents of Michael Jackson's Los Angeles home on December 17 inside its Beverly Hills showroom.

To help bidders visualize the home, the auction house created full scale photo enlargements of significant rooms, including the bedroom where the armoire was originally located.

Grand has obtained this large fabric photo enlargement of Jackson's bedroom and will use it as a backdrop for the Jackson armoire display.
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Wow.. I've been to Roanoke before, but it's like 9 hours away. Road trip!!! :mrgreen:

The note has always intrigued me though.

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In the news clip video that's listed here in the first about :27, the owner/manager guy is speaking.  Please tell me those are not huge cases of Coke in the background of the room????
Also, I see through their website, they have wasted no time in exploiting Michael's name:

and a facebook page dedicated to this piece of furniture:

And so it continues.....using the name of Michael Jackson to get noticed and/or make a buck.  Just sad. 
At least, this is what it looks like to me.......I hope I am wrong, and that this company's intentions were honorable.
However, past history shows too many times that someone just uses his good name for their own gain. 

Thanks for posting this, though.  It's interesting to see, and perhaps we are to learn from it somehow?  Perhaps the whole thing is a set up to see if we are paying attention...though I have no idea what it is we are supposed to take away from this. 

Blessings to you all


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