Elvis Presley ~ the MAN & the ARTIST

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  • MJ & ELVIS are ALIVE ~ TRUTH always prevails!

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  • MJ & ELVIS are ALIVE ~ TRUTH always prevails!

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  • MJ & ELVIS are ALIVE ~ TRUTH always prevails!

Re: Elvis Presley ~ the MAN & the ARTIST

  • on: August 11, 2012, 09:06:41 AM
Another question for you--do you think Jon Burrows is Elvis?  Sorry if you've mentioned it before, and I didn't look carefully enough.
Regarding Jon Burrows... or Jon Cotner... I don't know what to think. Jon Cotner has some videos on YT where his voice is just like Elvis!! even that older tone that we should hear now in his age! I've listened to him...and wow! if he's just a voice impersonator as he says (he never claimed to be Elvis!), well then I don't know how he can have such a similar voice to Elvis! it's unbelievable!
It's also possible that there is indeed a man having a similar voice to Elvis. Maybe Elvis uses this man (just like he used Orion and MJ uses Jason Malachi) to "leak' on the internet some songs sang by himself!! among the many others sang by the voice-impersonator!
So far, my best fav by Jon Cotner (I believe it's Elvis singing, I probably am wrong lol but at least that's how I imagine him singing now... ) is this one:


2 hoax-videos on Jon Cotner (facial - bones comparison)

jon cotner is elvis - YouTube

E@planeE@homesE@ll-Elvis30th.flv - YouTube

[ . . . .]

Then @2good2btrue posted this comparison-montage between the Hatman from Lisa's video and Jon Cotner... I think they resemble...

[ . . . ]

Here are some more videos on Jon Cotner!
I think the overall idea is that there are 50% chances he is Elvis and 50% chances he is a look&voice-alike!  :icon_eek:
I like to think he is Elvis... loll probably some wishful thinking!! lol  :icon_e_biggrin:

Nevertheless, these videos are very interesting!! Regardless of whether Jon Cotner is Elvis or not!

1.  Uploaded by MsDidisayThat on Apr 2, 2011: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT....

This video is in response to TheThomas252's video 'Jon Cotner Profiles wmv.' The audio he used was edited by him in order to discredit Jon Cotner, I made a video using his version to inform people that he had omitted vital audio from Jon which proved he was only pretending to be Elvis. Just as expected my video was not believed and the user JohnBaron1977 challenged me to prove that Jon was joking!
I fully expect TheThomas252 and his 'group' to try and discredit this video also. However the audio speaks for itself and in turn shows that TheThomas252 is capable of altering the truth and has in fact, NO CREDIBILTY whatsoever due to his underhand actions!
So here it is, the proof that Jon was only pretending to be Elvis Presley, this is the original, unedited audio from the Paltalk in April 2009. You can clearly hear that the voice and continuity of the audio presented here is consistent.


This video seems to be causing confusion as to whether Jon is or is not Elvis, that is not the purpose of the video. I understand that many people believe that Jon is Elvis Presley, I can understand why as Jon's natural talking and singing voice is very similar however Jon himself says he is NOT Elvis.
He has always said this but he also knows that people do not believe him when he says it but he does not mind what people think, if you think he is Elvis thats OK, if you don't, thats OK too (his words). Some people call Jon a scam artist because of how he sounds and they make videos to try and discredit him, The Thomas252 made countless videos blasting Jon and he altered the audio of this video to 'prove' that Jon does claim to be Elvis, this was not the case.
This video shows that Jon did speak as if he was Elvis ONLY to please his friends, someone wrote on the Paltalk text asking him to speak like he was Elvis and he obliged. I completely understand why people think Jon is Elvis, I have my own thoughts on that too but I love Jon as a friend, I don't care who he was, it's who he is now that is important to me and I love him regardless.


2.  Published on May 15, 2012 by MsDidisayThat: Stop uploading videos asking if Jon Burrows or Jimmy Ellis is Elvis Presley...OF COURSE THEY AREN'T! CLEAN OUT YOUR EARS AND GET REAL! There's only ONE Elvis Presley and his voice is unique and instantly recognizable! This video is for entertainment purposes only, I do not own nor claim any rights to the music contained within it.


3.  Published on Jul 15, 2012 by MsDidisayThat: Jon Cotner always says he isn't Elvis Presley however the same group of haters continually accuse Jon of saying he is, so to prove them all wrong and to reiterate ONE MORE TIME.....Jon REPEATEDLY says he is not Elvis....the collection of comments in this video PROVES IT!
It should be noted that Jon does not mind what you choose to believe, he would never dislike someone for thinking he is Elvis nor would he dislike you if you thought he wasn't Elvis, people are free to have their own thoughts. This video simply shows that Jon does tell Elvis fans he isn't Elvis which is contrary to what his enemies say of him. So regardless of whether you think he is or isn't Elvis Presley, Jon loves all the Elvis fans who appreciate his voice.
If you don't like him then its simple...move on and leave those of us who do love him to enjoy his voice, there is no crime in liking another singer if you are an Elvis fan, is there?


4.  Published on Jul 23, 2012 by erikjonker1967: Some of the facts I found on the internet to show that Jon might be Elvis Presley. At least that is what he seems to be doing.
This video started a discussion between believers of the pros and cons.
Elvis, his family and his friends have a right for the truth. So let the truth come out.


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Re: Elvis Presley ~ the MAN & the ARTIST

  • on: August 14, 2012, 03:03:18 PM
Elvis, #7, and “Jon Cotner”,—-very interesting! (Hoax Death?)

"When Norton's car breaks down in Verona, Mississippi, little does he know that he's about to be taken on a tour of Elvis sites in neighboring Tupelo, Mississippi. Elvis' Birthplace, Tupelo Hardware, Johnnie's Drive-in and many more special places are on the itinerary. Guiding him on this tour in a vintage 1957 Chevy is Vee who tells him about Elvis' twin brother, Jesse (who passed at childbirth), Elvis' first unknown radio performances from the Tupelo Courthouse and many more little known truths about the King of Rock & Roll. The film is narrated by Elvis drummer DJ Fontana and stars Amy LaVere (Walk the Line) and Corey Parker (Biloxi Blues, Will & Grace). Written and Directed by Mike McCarthy."


"Elvis Week 2012 can't be stopped! Enjoy the fourth installment of the coverage right here! For more information and regular updates about Elvis Week visit www.ElvisWeek.com."

Elvis Week Day One
 Elvis Week Day Two
 Elvis Week Day Three

Elvis Week Day Four


Artist: AOA (Ace of Angels)
Song: Elvis
Album: Angel's Story

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Re: Elvis Presley ~ the MAN & the ARTIST

  • on: August 14, 2012, 10:40:35 PM
I just skimmed through the 4 days of Elvis week. I wish them all the best!

The John Candy movie clip is hilarious!

I suppose knowing the impersonators of Elvis from the true, is like I feel I would easily recognize MJ impersonators.  I just don't follow Elvis at all so I wouldn't know.

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Re: Elvis Presley ~ the MAN & the ARTIST

  • on: August 14, 2012, 10:46:08 PM
Ohhh.......speaking of Elvis and also Elvis Week, it made me remember this post from TS_comments last year on August 17th....


As most of you know already: the MJ tribute planned for October 8 is exactly 17 years (1 + 7 = 8 ) after the Elvis tribute, which MJ & LMP attended (and this redirect is on 8-17).  And it’s not just Global Live pushing Katherine into this; remember that the family has been behind it (except Jermaine and Randy).  So if the location of the tribute is not a coincidence (Cardiff Wales & Cardiff Giant hoax), then the timing of it is also not a coincidence.

TS was not the first to bring up the Elvis connections and parallels, but TS did bring Elvis and MJ to the forefront in 2010 (www.ElvisAndMJ.com); however, the reaction from many was not supportive of bringing Elvis into the MJ hoax, and some even left this forum or the whole hoax over it.  As I have always said, though, the truth will all come out; and one year later, Jackson family members are supporting a tribute, which is very obviously intended to show the Elvis connection.

Likewise, TS was not the first to bring up the Illuminati and secret societies aspect of the MJ hoax, but TS did bring this to the forefront in 2009 (www.ThisIsAlsoIt.com); and just like the Elvis aspect, many have opposed TS because of the Illuminati aspect.  Nearly two years later, though, Jackson family members are starting to speak publicly about this as well.  As I have already documented in the July 7 thread, La Toya’s book goes into this aspect a little {http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/smf2.0/index.php/topic,19778.0.html}.  Furthermore, La Toya has just recently verified the Twitter for Paris {http://twitter.com/#!/latoyajackson/status/100693639176523776}; and Paris herself tweeted in June about the “secret society” aspect, encouraging us to “take time to seek” info about this for ourselves {http://twitter.com/#!/pariisjaxn/status/80390484186509312; http://twitter.com/#!/pariisjaxn/status/80381763427385344}.

Those who post regularly on this forum already know most or all of what I’ve said here; but I am including it because there are those not on this forum who still watch the TIAI redirects, and even copy what I post to other forums, etc.  And it’s time for these important aspects of the hoax to be understood by all on this forum, other hoax forums, and YouTube, etc.

Getting back to the Elvis connections: the redirect for yesterday (August 16) was a statement by LMP at Graceland {http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/smf2.0/index.php/topic,20123.0.html}.  Most of the connections there were discovered, and commented upon in that thread; but let me review them here, and add a few points.

“ ‘I'll see you next August.’  What does that sound like? --> I'll see you in July!” {lilwendy}.

“ ‘Elvis Through His Daughter's Eyes’ … this made me think of Jermaine's book ‘You are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother's Eyes’.” {Sarahli}.

“Maybe LMP's ‘entire family’ will include her father.  Elvis fans deserve a BAM too!  They've certainly been waiting long enough.” {Andrea}.
“ ‘...which as you all know as the 35th anniversary will be special time’  To me this was interesting. Why is the 35 anniversary special?” {GINAFELICIA}.

The “entire family” if taken literally, would have to include Jesse/Elvis—since he is still alive.  Why is the 35th anniversary special?  Because he will then be 77 years old, the same number as the “death” year (8-16-77).  Also because it will be exactly ten years after the 25th anniversary, when Dr. Hinton said Elvis would be “coming out” at Graceland.  And because “3+5=8” {Yambo3003}; of course 8 is the key number in the Elvis numerology.

It will also be in the year 2012, which we all know by now is a major year in MJ’s hoax (“four years” from 2009, and 911 call at 12:21, FBI files, etc).  Of course even if there is an Elvis BAM: he would not be performing again, or even seen in public (other than maybe at Graceland next year).  Now I am not saying with any certainty that Elvis will BAM on 8-16-2012; but I am saying that if he ever does, that would be a very likely time.  Anyone who has read his book knows that Jesse himself would like the general public to know the truth {http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/smf2.0/index.php/topic,16148.0.html}; but he has pressure from family, and especially EPE.

Last but not least: I will say for certain that MJ will BAM before the end of 2012!!!  Previously, I have given probabilities, possibilities, hints, and clues of a BAM from MJ.  However, this is the very first time that I have given a BAM timing with certainty—not that I am giving an exact day or even year (could be this year or next), but I am saying that there is a deadline beyond which his BAM will not be extended.  I say this with so much certainty that if MJ does not BAM by January 1, 2013: then you may know that TS is a fake informer!


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