What DID happen on June 25th? part 59 "His death & The internet"

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Luna did a wonderful job again  /bravo/  ,25 june 2009 will remain in our minds FOREVER this is for sure  :(  !!!
I still don't understand why Thome Thome was there at the hospital with Jermaine,if he was fired earlier  :? .Acordong to Brian Oxman ,once you become involved with Jackson family(and the "Magic" of Michael Jackson ,too   :shock:  ) ,no matter how hard you try,you can't get out and once your're in,you're in FOR LIFE   :shock: :shock:  :shock: :? !!!!! How about that  :shock:  ???


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When you see the part where the Internet and phones and communication all over the U.S. and the World lit up hearing the news on June 25, 2009, it is so moving and profound. You can see and feel his spirit living in those growing, glowing red and yellow bursts of energy, spreading just like Michael and his message of love, healing the planet, the human race reaching out to one another, It really makes you aware that we are all connected to rgus living planet, as humanity we are one, we are a living organism, as is the earth, and the energy that this one person has and how it impacts the whole universe, wow, like people out there on another planet would look at this and say, a life, a star is shining like the heart of the world beating, this is the amazing spirit that Michael had since he was born, and that is the voice in all of us he spoke and sang in, and how he touched everyone and gave his life to make that much of an impact. How everyone loved him, and still does, and you can see that death really is an illusion, there is a life force we have being a spirit with will to create powerful energy. The world came alive with love pulsing out of it all around the being of this one small little boy from Gary, Indiana, and that is a magic we can fill the earth with! Like he said in This is It -I'm the light of the world. We all are part of that light. What an amazing thing to see.

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What the heck is Oxman talking about? “Michael put Tom Sneddon as his administrator”. (6:03 mins into Oxman's vid) What kind of bs is this!?!  Unless he just screwed up? He also calls MJ, Michael "Joseph" Jackson.  Didn’t Michael fire him at some point, too?

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I think Oxman just got his words transposed, you know. He meant someone else.
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X17 onlne published the first photos of MJ coming to the hospital. http://www.x17online.com/gallery/view_gallery.php?gallery=MJacksonHospital062509_X17&index=0
A friend made a screenshot where you can see the date of the pictures corresponds to 06-24-09. Photos of MJ at hospital are timestamped and copyright dated 06/24/09, 06/25/09 not

Second pic - shows hour difference in time taken but same shot - staged photos
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I never heard this before. Is this new? I mean with the pictures being time stamped the day before?


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